Welcome to the ABDO Program – More Attention, More Meetings, More Clients

On this page, you'll find the assignments, templates, and recordings for this program. 

The purpose of this program is to help you get more attention, meetings, and clients with attention-based direct outreach emails. So look out! This program will do damage to your habitual avoidance of getting out there and connecting with new prospective clients. It will rock your marketing world. 

For more in-depth information on writing emails and other good marketing stuff, you'll find it in my first Email Marketing Program.

ABDO Templates

Templates and Documents

The InfoGuru Marketing Manual

This is my original manual with extensive artcicles and instructions on marketing for self-employed professionals. Use it as a reference guide. 

Step One - Program Preparation Work

Post Info Here

Step Two - Formulation

Write an Executive Summary about your services.

Good marketing materials should start with an “Executive Summary” that gives a clear overview of what your business is about.

Overview on Writing an Executive Summary

Samples of Executive Summaries:

Sample Executive Summary Heart of Business

Alastair Dyrburgh Executive Summary

Kevin McGourty Executive Summary

Philippa Kennealy Executive Summary

Neal Zimmerman Executive Summary

Amy Bingham Executive Summary

Step Three - Affiation and Connections

Get Your List Together

You can't email to anyone without a list. This document tells you how to come up with a list of prospects to send emails to. 

Step Four - Getting Attention with Your Marketing Strategies

Writing Emails for Category 1 Prospects

This is how to write that email outreach to Category 1 prospects. This is where the juice is. Master this and you'll be meeting with qualified prospects left and right, eager to hear what you have to say. 

How to Succeed at Your Marketing Campaign

This is the step-by-step approach to planning your direct outreach campaign. This includes your outreach plan and pre-selling conversation.

Marketing Action Planning Form

I cover the basic plan in the document above this, but this can be used for more complex plans. Use this form to map out your marketing strategy, whatever it is. The samples are on the first pages. The blank form is on the final pages.

How to Play the Marketing Game and Win (coming soon)

How to Have Fun With Your Emails (2)

This little article will give you some inside secrets on how to make your emails fun with the most common and powerful humor tool in the world – The Reverse. Gasp! 

Step Five - Having Pre-Selling Conversations

Making Follow Up Calls

Once someone responds to your Category 1, 2 or 3 emails, you want to set up a short follow-up call. The purpose of this call is to set up a selling conversation or what I call a Strategy Session. This short but brilliant document explains how to do that. Note that much of this is covered in the above document, "How to Succeed at Your Marketing Campaign." But it adds a few things. Study both!

Step Six - Educating Your Prospects About Your Services

Your Program or Service Sales Letter

Bob Sherlock Sales Letter

More samples here soon. 

Before you conduct a Strategy Session, you want to provide some written materials about your business and services. This gives you a step-by-step process for writing an online sales letter about your programs or services that your prospect will read before they meet you for a Strategy Session. 

For more on marketing writing, go here: Marketing Currency from Fast Track Program

Step Seven - Selling Conversations or Strategy Sessions

Conducting the Selling Conversation - Strategy Sessions (Word.doc)

Now that you have a hot prospect ready to meet with you in a Strategy Session, you can't wing it. This conversation has a structure, certain questions you ask in a certain order, all the way to asking them to work with you. This includes a complete sample selling conversation and a step-by-step outline. It's amazingly effective. And it contains no sleazy manipulation. Yuck, who wants that? 


ABDO Mindset

Marketing Mindset

You might say there are two big things that contribute to marketing success. One is learning, practicing and implementing various marketing strategies. When you master certain marekting stratgies, you attract more clients. It's as simple (and as difficult) as that.

The second thing is mastering your Mindset. And in fact, it may be more important thant marketing Strategies. How you think and feel about marketing will have a grat impact on the actions you take to implement your strategies. A bad marketing mindset can completely undermine your marketing success. A great marketing mindset can dramatically accelerate your success. 

Below are a series of articles I wrote for The Fearless Marketer that focus on ways to shift your Marketing Mindset. I encourage you to read them all. They just may speak to you and give you some valuable insights and tools to discover the most powerful mindsets for you. 

Stories You Tell Yourself About Marketing

Navigating the Rapids of Your Mind

How Wise People Deal With Disappointment

The Fearless Landing

Fearlessness is About Being, Not Doing

How to Successfully Meet the Three Biggest Marketing Challenges

How to Get Beyond Paralysis by Analysis

How to Go ALL IN on Your Marketing

Working Your Business From the Zone of Genius

For GOD’s Sake, Just Try Something New!

How to Multiply Your Creative Energy


ABDO Assignments

Program Sessions and Assignments

Here are the much resisted but ridiculously important assignments you'll be slaving over during the program. No one has mortaly perished doing these assignments, but there's always a first time. Tread with caution tempered with reckless abandon. 

Session Dates

April 10, 24, May 8, 22, June 12, 26

July 10, 24, August 14, 28, September 11, 25

October 9, 23, November 6, 20, December 4, 18

Zoom Connection and Meeting Details

All sessions will be on zoom at this link: https://zoom.us/j/2121681264  

All sessions will start at the dot of 12 noon Pacific. (1 Mntn, 2 Cntrl, 3 Estrn, 8 UK, 9 EU) - However, please be on the call 5 mins early so we can start on time. 

If you are unable to be on a session, please send me an email and let me know. Otherwise, I will think you've been hit by a bus. 

Pre-program assignment

Read this document: How to Make Your Emails Funny

Write a funny email asking someone or something to do something. Keep it short and simple. It could be asking a prospective client for a meeting or it could be requesting your dog to poop outside. It doesn't matter. The whole point is to get some practice in making a request in a humorous way. 

a) the opening will set the context of the connection and use some humor. 

b) the middle part will make the request. A little humor as well. 

c) the call-to-action is asking to set a time for the meeting or for taking the action. Again, humor helps. 

Refer to Document #1 under the Templates tab to help you with this. 

Send the email to Robert:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

1. First Session Assignment

Read these two documents:

Get Your List Together

Write Your Category 1 Email and Follow Up Call

Then write your first Category 1 Email and craft your phone script for the follow-up call. 

Then send them to me by email. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Then I'll get back to you and set up your first individual coaching session where we'll work on your follow-up call. 

If I don't get your assignment, we will not meet. So get it to me as soon as possible. First come, first served. 

2. Second Session Assignment

Between now and the next session write and send a minimum of 5 emails to Category 1 prospects. 

Start working on your program or service sales letter. Due by Session #4. 

Your Program or Service Sales Letter

3. Third Session Assignment

Put you attention on completing your services sales letter, (see above)

If you are up to it, work on your Cateogry 2 or 3 emails.

4. Fourth Session Assignment

Continue to work on your services sales letter. See Bob Sherlock's letter as a template



ABDO Recordings

Program Session Recordings

Here are the astoundingly informative and mildly entertaining program recordings. The latest are listed at the top. The earliest at the bottom. 

Session 15 - October 23

Video - Watch it here


Replacement session - October 17  (from Group 2)

Video - Watch it here


Sessions 13 & 14 - Sept 26, Oct 9

No recordings (Zoom problems)


Session 12 - Sept 11

Video - Watch it here


Session 11 - August 28

No recording


Session 10 - August 14

Video - Watch it here


Session 9 - August 7

Video - Watch it here


Session 8 - July 23

Video - Watch it here

PDF of Session


Session 7 - July 10

No Video

Download the Report on LinkedIn


Session 6 - June 27

Video - Click to Watch


Session 5 - June12, 2019

Video: Click to Watch


Session 4 - May 22, 2019

Video: Click to Watch A - Click to Watch B


Session 3 - May 8, 2019

Video: Click to watch


Session 2 - April 24, 2019

Video: Click to watch

Session 1 - April 10, 2019

Video: Click to watch

Session 1 Notes


ABDO Blog Articles

Blog Articles about Attention-Based Direct Outreach

These are articles that have recently appeared on my blog. How they got there is anyone's guess. However, amazingly, they give various perspectives and ideas about ABDO Marketing - how to reach out to prospects and turn them into clients. Read and learn. 

What Marketing Strategy is the Best for You?

The Story of the Drunk Marketing Letter

Marketing Writing From My Dog's Perspective

How to Renew Old Clients with Funny Emails

Why is Writing Funny So Hard?

How to Dramatically Increase Email Response

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Direct Outreach: A Strategy That Works

The Simple, Consistent Way to Get More Appointments

5 Tips for Learning to Love Direct Outreach


ABDO Resources

ABDO Resources

This page contains some nifty resources that you may find useful - across a wide spectrum. I'll often mention these on the group sessions. If you can't find something I mention, just find your way to this page and you'll magically find the links I mentioned. 

Instructional and Informational Videos

Video interview with Jon Buchan on his funny email approach

Interview with Jon Buchan - YouTube

Yet another video with John Buchan on his funny email marketing approach

Interview with Jon Buchan - YouTube

Video on how to use Snov.io to scoop names and emails from the internet and LinkedIn

Video on Snov.io (this will download to your computer as a Quicktime movie) About an hour long. 

Other Jon Buchan Resources

The Original Jon Buchan Email Letter - This email got a ton of responses and meetings with big companies. Adapt it and use it. 

John Buchan's Charm Offensive Facebook page - See ways people are using funny emails.

Jon Buchan's post in Reddit - about his approach to writing funny emails 

Jon Buchan's Charm Offensive Subreddit - More examples of humor in marketing and advertising 

Other links to using humor in your emails

how to use humor in emails - (Google search) Check out ALL of them on that page. 

6 Funny, Unconventional, and Highly Effective Sales Email Templates Real Salespeople Use

How to Use Humor to Sell More

25 Comical Subject Lines + Tips for Funny Writing

Other Articles on Email Marketing

30 Sales Prospecting Email Templates Guaranteed to Start a Relationship - Hubspot Article
This is an in-depth exploration into sending prospecting emails. Good stuff. You can use these ideas and also add some humor to your emails as the same time. 

What to do when people don't get back to you. - A Hubspot Article

Email Programs and other Applications

Lemlist - This is a program you can use to send out cold emails (see below for set up)

Aweber - This is the email list-building program I've been using for almost 20 years. For your opt-in email list. 

Mail Chimp - This is one of the most popular email list programs out there. Similar to AWeber, different structure. Also for opt-in email lists. 

Cold Email Resources 

Copyspace Video - on how to set up a Lemlist Campaign

Where to get your data for cold outreach - a video by Copyspace

How to avoid being blacklisted - a video by Copyspace

Boost your response with follow-up emails - a video by Copyspace

Strategies to get more sales meetings - a video by Copyspace

LinkedIn Marketing

Video with Ted Prodromou and Mewlonie Dodardo - This is a great interview about connecting with people on LinkedIn. 

Other Stuff

The Dull Men's Club - Facebook Group - A never-ending source for droll humor. Join, visit and steal ideas. 

Ted Talk on the Power of Laughing at Ourselves - On Tom Fishburne's website, Marketoonist. 

The Funniest Ted Talks - A selection of 13 talks that incorporate humor

Getting Unstuck

It's not unusual to get stuck when you're learning someting new. All kinds of thoughts, beliefs, and feelings get triggered when we are trying something that is unfamiliar or that reminds us of something that was difficult, embarassing, fearful, or confusing. How do you get past all of that garbage?

You Have the Right to be Free

This is a video by my friend Salvador Poe that points to your essential self, that which is beyond fear, doubt, confusion, stuggle. It's about an hour long, but it really gets to the heart of what it takes to identify yourself with something that is beyond your limitations, fears, and doubts. 


ABDO Ways I Can Help

Ways I Can Help You In The Program

Of course, the primary thing I can help with is giving you hands-on strategies and tactics for attention-based direct outreach through fun and engaging emails that get attention, meetings, and clients. 

And if that's not enough...

I'll have lots of templates and documents that you can study to help you write better, more engaging emails and documents. And have more fun doing so. And live to tell the tale. 

• I'll give you personal help with your emails. 

• I'll point you towards useful resources. 

• I'll keep you pressing on when it seems the darkest and most hopeless.

• I'll feed you homemade chicken soup. 

If you want, I'll also give you feedback on written materials, your website, etc. Let me know what you want feedback on and, in many cases, I'll do a quick video giving you feedback. Cool, huh?

So, use me. OK? I want to feel used. But not abused. 

Cheers, Robert


ABDO Mystery Page

What is this woman doing on the beach with the moon?
Is she huge and the moon normal size or is she normal size and mood small?
I don't know. It's a mystery.