Independent Professionals: The More Clients Club - A Fast and Easy Way to Attract More of Your Ideal Clients

You’re a self-employed Independent Professional. And as much as you love helping your clients produce results, there’s an ongoing challenge that keeps you up at night. 

You need to, no you must, attract more clients now. But there's one little issue:

You're not very good at marketing your services. You don't know what to do or how to do it. There are so many options for marketing that it can be confusing and overwhelming. Marketing is a mystery and you don't know where to start or how to make it work. And despite your very best efforts, you haven't been very successful at it. So mostly you get new clients from referrals or word-of-mouth. But that's not enough to really grow your business. 

Some of the specific Marketing areas that Independent Professionals struggle with include: Creating an attention-getting marketing message; choosing a marketing niche; writing persuasive marketing materials; getting past fears, doubt and rejection; implementing marketing activities such as networking, speaking, teleclasses and webinars; making follow-up calls; doing publishing activities such as blogging, social media and email newsletters; managing the whole selling process.

So how do you get better at marketing?

There are 7 key areas of marketing that you need to improve. And once you get the answers to the 7 key marketing questions below, you'll easily start attracting more clients. 

Which of these questions do you have about marketing your professional services? 

1. How exactly does marketing work?

"That is, what is the structure, the process, the game, if you will, of marketing? What are the rules, the practices, the things that work and the things that don't work? If I just knew what to do I know I'd stop avoiding marketing; I'd have more confidence and would take some action."  

2. How can I even do marketing and selling if I don't like marketing and selling?

"I kind of feel like marketing is all about hype and manipulation, and that's just not me. So, is there a way to think about marketing that is more professional, that has integrity? And is it something I can succeed at? Can I be a good marketer of my services if I don't feel like the marketing type? And what can I do about all this resistance I have about marketing and selling?"

3. How do I get the attention of my prospective clients?

"People ask me what I do, but I really don't know what to say in a way that doesn't sound cheesy or salesey or boring. I've tried developing an "elevator speech" but I just can't seem to say the thing that really helps people understand what I do and how I can help them. How do I create a powerful marketing message that gets the attention of my prospects?"

4. When I get into a conversation about my business, what should I say?

"I seem to say either too much or not enough. I try to explain what I do, but either I don't get a lot of interest or people get confused. And if someone does show interest, what do I do? Should I get their card and call them or send them some more information? Unless someone calls me from a referral, I'm really terrible at taking that initial conversation anywhere."

5. What marketing materials and content do I need?

"There seem to be so many things I could do, but again, I don't know where to start or what really works. What content should go on my website? Should I have an email newsletter? How do I grow my email list? Should I write articles and blog posts, and how are these different? And how do I use all of these to attract more of my right clients? I don't want to spin my wheels on things that don't work." 

6. What marketing strategies should I use?

"This is even more puzzling. These days everyone is doing a lot of social media, but is that right for me? Should I be doing networking, speaking, cold calling prospects or sending an email newsletter? I only have so much time and energy, so where should I focus my efforts to get the best results? And how do I learn to do all of these things effectively?"

7. How do I sell to prospects and close the deal?

"For me, selling feels very manipulative. I don't want to be seen as pushy, but I really don't know how to make selling work for me. How do I set up meetings with prospecting clients? What do I ask and what do I say when they show some interest in my services? What's the best way to ask for the business and how do I price myself? Do I need a proposal and what should it include?" 

You probably don't have ALL of those questions, but I'm sure you have many of them. And if you don't get those questions answered, your marketing is stuck. But if you did get them all answered, WOW - can you imagine the results you could produce?

So how do you get answers to all of those questions?

You ask someone who knows the answers!

What if you could get answers to ALL of those questions? What if you could get answers that came from almost 30 years of experience in working with self employed professionals? And what if someone could show you not only what you should do, but exactly how to do everything on that questions list? 

My Name is Robert Middleton, and since 1984 I've worked with self-employed professionals who wanted to be better marketers of their services. In that time I've worked with hundreds of clients in marketing coaching and consulting sessions. I've worked with even more through workshops and group programs. And I've helped thousands more with my InfoGuru Marketing Manual, WebSite ToolKit, Expert Marketing Interviews, Webinars, and Teleclasses. 

In the mid 90's, not long after I launched the Action Plan Marketing website and my weekly More Clients Ezine, I became the go-to person on the web for Independent Professionals all over the world who wanted to attract more clients - without hype and with integrity. I'm the person who started the trend of teaching self-employed professionals about marketing through online programs and manuals. 

And I'm still here, almost 20 years later, still helping Independent Professionals attract their ideal clients. I continue to offer practical, relevant and affordable programs for Independent Professionals who need answers to their marketing questions.

And the More Clients Club is the most useful and easy-to-follow program I've ever created. 

The More Clients Club Answers Your Questions (and More)

In late 2008, just after the financial crash, I launched the More Clients Club, and it's been going strong ever since. The purpose of the Club is simple: To answer all your marketing questions and show you the fastest and easiest way to attract clients more consistently.  

I'm not going to take much space here to outline all the benefits of being an effective marketer of your services. You're on this page because you already understand that.

You know that if you become good at marketing that you'll attract more clients, make more money and have a lot more long-term security. What you might not realize is that marketing can be easier than you think and actually quite fun once you start to produce consistent results. 

To answer all your marketing questions, I included virtually every marketing program or course I've ever offered in the Club. I used to sell all of these programs separately, but I decided to put them all together and make them available in one place online. I updated them and organized them into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step marketing program for Independent Professionals based on my 7-Step Marketing System.

This system answers in great depth all the questions I posed at the top of this page. And I make it fast and easy for you. You just follow the system one step at a time. 

So let me give you an overview of what's included in the More Clients Club, how it works and how you can take advantage of it to be a better marketer of your services. I won't give you a hyped up, over-the-top sales pitch here. I'll simply explain everything included in the Club and how it works to make your marketing faster and easier. 

Hold on, because we're going to dive deep!

Easy, Step-by-Step and Hands-on Instruction

The first part of the Club is step-by-step instructions on marketing for professional services. I call these "Virtual Training Programs." These programs teach you the 7 Key Principles of my Marketing System for Independent Professionals.

The Virtual Online Training Programs

1. The Fast Track to More Clients 

This is like a workshop online. It consists of 7 "Marketing Modules" that are the core of my marketing system and are the foundation of everything else in the Club. It includes written and recorded materials and also hands-on exercises. You do one module at a time and and discover more marketing answers as you go. 

Once you're complete, 90% or more of your marketing questions will be answered. And you'll be well on your way to attracting more clients. Let me give you an overview of what you get in each Module:

Module 1 - The Game of Marketing

In this Module you'll learn how marketing is like a game with specific "rules and moves." The essence of the game of marketing is how to move a prospect from being a stranger to being a paying client. Marketing is 100% communication, so you'll learn what to communicate and how to communicate every step of the way. For most, marketing is a random process. Here you'll learn easy steps to make it systematic and organized. You'll know what to do and say to a prospect until they feel comfortable working with you. No manipulation required.  

Module 2 - Marketing Mindset

How you think about marketing is just as important as how you do your marketing. Your mindset, attitudes and beliefs shape your actions. And if your marketing mindset is negative, fearful or lacking in confidence, you'll tend to avoid marketing activities. In this module you'll learn how to recognize, observe and inquire into your marketing mindset. Then you'll learn various techniques to turn your marketing mindset around until you feel more positive, fearless and confident. I know this sounds almost impossible, but Club members tell me all the time how this module has helped them see marketing as fun and easy instead of a dreaded chore. 

Module 3 - Marketing Messages

Marketing Messages are really at the heart of marketing. A marketing message expresses how your professional services helps your clients. However, almost everyone talks about what they do, not what their clients get.  This key distinction makes the difference between getting no attention and interest when you communicate about your business, to consistently getting attention, interest and response to your marketing communications. In this module you learn the easy step-by-step process of creating your own powerful marketing message. 

Module 4 - Marketing Conversations

Whenever you engage a prospect in a conversation about your business (in person, or by email) the question is, "What exactly should I say to move this prospect closer to doing business with me?"  If you say the wrong thing, you may lose any possibility of turning that prospect into a client. In this module you'll learn the art of marketing conversations - what to ask, what to say and what to offer to keep the client interested and engaged. Great marketing conversations turn into meetings to explore working with you. It's easy when you know what to say. 

Module 5 - Marketing Content

What information or content about you and your services are prospective clients looking for? They are looking for the answers to these five questions: 1) What is this business about? 2) Do you work with people like me? 3) How can you help me? 4) What's the proof that you can help me? 5) Are you credible and experienced? 6) Do you have something free you can give me as a sample? 7) How do you start working with clients? Most of this needs to be clearly outlined on your website, in your eZine and in articles and blog posts. In the Club you'll learn how to write this material in a way that gets your prospects engaged and interested in learning more about you and your services.  

Module 6 - Marketing Strategies and Plans

A marketing strategy is a communication vehicle to get the word out about your services and a plan is the way you implement that strategy. Networking, presentations, publishing, social media, and direct outreach are all effective marketing strategies for Independent Professionals. But each strategy has dozens of moving parts. You need to know what strategies will work best for you and how to implement them successfully. In the Club you'll learn how to choose and implement a wide variety of strategies that will get your name and message in front of the right prospects. 

Module 7 - Selling Conversations

You might say that the purpose of marketing is to give you opportunities to engage in selling conversations. When you are offering high-end services, such as consulting, coaching, training, etc., you must engage a prospect in an exploration to see if it makes sense for you to work together. And in this selling conversation you need to know what to ask, what to say and how to ask for the business. In the Club, you'll learn a proven process for selling conversations that is both effective and non-manipulative. And it's remarkably easy once you understand the process. 

Once you've completed all the Fast Track Modules, you'll know exactly what you need to do to attract more clients. And you'll also know how to implement all of these approaches in your business with more ease and less struggle. 

But that's not all. The other parts of the Club go into some of these areas in even more depth. 

2. The WebSite ToolKit 

This tutorial builds on Module 5 - Marketing Content. It helps you build all the content of your website to make it more compelling. You go through one website page at a time until you have a complete, client-attracting site. It includes all the resources you need to build a quality website (including links to writers, editors, designers and online resources). 
The audio portion of the tutorial was conducted by an interviewer asking me every question you can imagine about the content for each page of your website. And I answer each question in depth. Thousands of Independent Professionals have used the WebSite ToolKit to build great websites that include all the information about your business that prospects are looking for before they contact you. 

3. Expert Interviews 

These are interviews with top marketing experts from around the country that go into the 7 marketing principles and strategies in even more depth. I go into real depth in each interview, getting the answers to the questions you need. There are over 60 Expert Interviews in the Club, which includes both the audio and the written transcriptions. You'll discover breakthrough ideas in each of these interviews. 

You don't get just a few answer with these interviews, you get hundreds!

Some of the topics include: The Secrets of Value Pricing, Marketing and Selling by Giving, Secrets to Great Client Relationships, How to Be a Money Magnet, the Law of Attraction Explained, Branding for Independent Professionals, Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less, Free Sessions That Sell, Selling to Big Companies, Breakthroughs with Referrals, How to Make Your Writing Faster and Easier, Plugging the Leaks in Your Website, Irresistible Copywriting, Stories That Sell, Secrets of Effective Networking, Secrets to Growing a $250K Plus Coaching Business, Marketing Your Services with Presentations - With Podcasting - With Social Media, With eZines - With Blogging and With Video - and 40 more! 

I recommend that Club members go through the Fast Track Modules first before they explore the WebSite ToolKit and the Expert Interviews. 

4. Manual and Book 

I also include pdf copies of my original "InfoGuru Marketing Manual" and my newest book, "Marketing Ball - Lessons on Attracting More Clients form the Marketing Coach." Each are packed with even more hands-on marketing ideas based on my system. Almost all the material in the The InfoGuru Manual is still applicable and Marketing Ball is in story form, so it makes the whole process of marketing very approachable. 


All of these marketing tutorials gives you everything you need to know to market your professional services successfully.  Then, in addition to all the above marketing training, I include several Support Systems to help you implement what you've learned. Let me outline them below. 

The Club Support Systems

These Support Systems are designed to assist you in moving forward in your marketing when you have a specific questions or if you get stuck. I'm actively engaged in the Club and with the Club participants every single week. I'm always working to make marketing easier for you.  

1. Marketing Forum

I wanted a place where people could ask questions and get answers to their most pressing marketing issues. Despite covering every single aspect of marketing in the Marketing Modules and Expert Interviews, there are always finer points that people have questions about. And everyone's situation is a little different. So I answer every question you can imagine and clear up any confusion you might have.

The way to use the Forum is to first study the Marketing Modules, and then, if you have a question on a finer point, just go to the Forum and get your question answered. I usually respond the same day. It's not unusual what we'll have 2 to 5 questions per day. And not only do I answer these questions, we often get a longer discussion started with many members offering their perspective. My aim: Make marketing easier for you. 

2. Live Coaching Calls

Twice a month, I make myself available via teleconference line to answer questions in even more depth. I call these Coaching Calls, because I don't just give answers, but coach the participants in the finer points of marketing. We get questions about anything and everything from getting feedback on a marketing message, to how to follow up with a prospect who has dropped off the radar, to sticky parts of the selling process.

Everyone leaves each call with practical ideas they can implement right away. By the way, if you can't be on the live Coaching Calls, I record all of them and post them on the Club website an hour or two after they are held. You can listen to them later online, or download them to your computer and mp3 player. Again, I make it easy for you. 

3. Mastermind Groups

Finally, if you want more than ideas, but are looking for accountability, you can join a Mastermind Group. We'll match you up with a couple other Club members and give you guidelines for meeting by teleconference. In these calls you'll brainstorm, set goals, be accountable for taking action and discuss the marketing ideas in the Club. Those who decide to form a mastermind group find the experience very positive as it gets them engaged and out of the isolation that many Independent Professionals experience. 

4. Prospect Tracking Software 

This is really more of a tool than a support system. It's called the Marketing Ball ScoreKeeper. I felt that if people had an easy and simple way to track their prospects while playing the game of marketing, it would make marketing easier and prevent prospects from slipping through the cracks.

The system is simple to use and includes a lot of great features that track the progress of your prospects. All you do is open up the ScoreKeeper, enter their contact information, indicate where they are in the marketing game, make some notes and then set a follow-up reminder. You'll know where all your prospects are and what you need to do next to turn them into paying clients.

That gives you a complete outline of what's in the More Clients Club and how to use it to become a better marketer of your professional services. Over the past 5 years, thousands have taken advantage of the Club and the 7-Step Marketing System. We have about 700 members right now.

How is the More Clients Club different than other marketing training systems?

When I published the InfoGuru Marketing Manual in 2,000 nobody else was teaching this information. Since then a whole lot of people have jumped on the bandwagon and there are dozens, if not hundreds of courses and programs teaching Independent Professionals how to market. 

But this is how my approach and the Club are different:

1. My system is exclusively for Independent Professionals and small professional firms such as business and personal coaches, management consultants, corporate trainers, marketing and financial professionals and any other professional service business that works with clients and needs to be a better marketer of their services. 

2. This system is tested and proven to work. This system took years of trial and error to perfect. And I was always the first test subject! Once I mastered a marketing approach or strategy that worked, I taught it to my clients and we worked together to fine tune each strategy. Ultimately, after years of trial and error, the 7-Step System emerged and has now been used successfully by thousands of Independent Professionals. 

3. I am totally involved with this program every single day. I love what I do. I write the materials, I interview the experts, I host the live Coaching Calls and I answer your questions on the Forum. So when you join the More Clients Club, you get me and my almost 30 years of marketing and coaching experience.

4. I am responsive. If you have a question, either I or my assistant, Jayne, will answer you directly, usually the same day. We actually respond to and take action on any suggestions you may have. Since the Club launched in 2008 we've done three complete redesigns of the Club and added materials or fine-tuned existing programs and services to make things easier and more accessible. 

5. I am committed to your success. This is not a hobby to me! I live, eat, breath and sleep marketing! Well, yes I do have a personal life, but I'm always thinking of ways to make the Club better and serve you in such a way that you gain huge value with every single interaction in the Club. 

6. The Club is affordable. When I added up all the value of the separate programs in the Club, my conservative total was over $6,000. If I broke the Club into pieces, that's what I actually charged for these programs. But the Club membership is less than 10% of that. I see programs promoted all over the web for thousands of dollars, with much less practical information than is included in the Club (usually with no support). So a lower price doesn't mean a lower value.

7. We get results. This stuff works. I get emails all the time from Club members who tell me how it's turned their marketing and business around completely. I have a few of these at the bottom of this page. Everything I teach is doable and easy to follow. I know because I and thousands of others have implemented these ideas successfully. 

Three Easy Steps to Make the Club Work for You:

It doesn't get simpler than these three steps:

1. Read and listen to each of the step-by-step modules in the Fast Track Program. Each module has an audio file and transcribed text. This means that you engage two learning modes (listening and reading) that help you retain and understand this information better.  

2. Do the exercises for each of the Modules. Next, you fill out simple online forms or worksheets to start building your own marketing messages, materials and marketing plans. As you do the exercises, your confidence will increase. 

3. Get support and feedback as you progress. I recommend starting with the Club Forum, then the Coaching Calls to get your questions answered as you go through all the training material. Then, if you feel ready, you can join a Mastermind Group.

The Club is structured for ease-of-use. All you need to do is jump online and study the next part of the system. After you’ve completed the Marketing Modules you can go even deeper with our WebSite ToolKit, Expert Interviews, and books.  

Here's How to Join the Club

1. Pay as you go and get Club access monthly for $29 or quarterly for $79. As long as you’re a paying member you have access to everything in the Club, including any additions as they are added. You can upgrade your membership to lifetime at anytime. Right now, the majority of Club members are on the monthly or quarterly payment plan. 


2. Pay a one-time fee of $497, which gives you permanent, lifetime access to all the Club Materials and Support Systems. You never pay anything again ever. And when we add new materials to the Club (such as Expert Interviews) you get complete access to all of it.

Here's Everything You Get

The Club consists of 10 distinct programs and support systems. Upon joining the Club for $29 per month you get access to everything outlined below. All the values listed are based on prices for these programs I have offered to customers in the past. There are no inflated or exaggerated prices. Essentially, I am providing huge value for very little in return. How do I do it? Because the More Clients Club is such a great value we have over 700 members, which earns me a good income and the pleasure of knowing I am helping so many people with their marketing. 

  Name of More Clients Club Program Value
   Seven Module Fast Track Marketing Tutorial $299
   WebSite ToolKit - Step-by-Step Tutorial  $149
   Expert Marketing Interviews (60 X $29) $1740
   Recorded Coaching Calls (70 X $49) $3430
   Step-by-Step Marketing Strategy Action Plans (5 X $99) $495
   InfoGuru Marketing Manual + Marketing Ball Book (2 X $39) $78
  Total Value of Permanent Programs in Club $6191
  Monthly Club Support Services Value
   Club Marketing Forum (with answers and feedback from me) $49
   Twice Monthly Live Coaching Calls with me (2 X $49) $98
   Marketing Ball ScoreKeeper (prospect tracking software) $49
   Mastermind Groups $49
  Total Value of Support Programs Per Month $245
  Your Monthly Fee for All of the Progams and Support Systems $29


My Guarantee

With the monthly or quarterly membership our policy is simple: Stay as long as you're getting value, leave when you want, no questions asked. You may stay for a month or two or perhaps a year or more. If you join the Club for the lifetime membership, you can cancel within a month, or I can convert your membership to monthly or quarterly.

Still not sure? Then sign up and try the Club for a month and see how easy it is. If you don't think it's worth 10 times your monthly fee, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund. You have nothing to risk. 

Yes, Robert, I'd like to give the More Clients Club a Try. I understand I'll get all the Tutorials, Expert Interviews, WebSite ToolKit, Coaching Calls, And Club Support Systems when I join as described above.

I understand I can stay as long as I want in the Club and leave when I want, no questions asked. And I can choose my level of membership - $29 per month, $79 per quarter or $497 lifetime.

Join at this link: Click here to choose your membership in the More Clients ClubWe accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 


All the best for great marketing results,

Robert Middleton


Some frequently asked questions about the Club

Just to cover all the bases...

Q - Who is Robert Middleton and why is he qualified to teach me marketing?

A - Since 1984 Robert has worked with self-employed businesses to help them attract more of their ideal clients. He's offered marketing consulting and coaching, led workshops and online training programs, written two marketing books, and designed dozens of web sites. He's done it all in this arena, and in 2009 he took all of his best materials and put it into the More Clients Club and made it affordable for everyone. Robert has grown his business exponentially since mastering and implementing the principles of marketing that he teaches in the More Clients Club.

Q - I understand you've helped a lot of other marketing consultants, coaches and gurus.

A - Yes, at one time or another, these people have studied my marketing approaches: Fabienne Fredrickson, Bill Baren, Rich Brooks, Samantha Hartley, Ann Presuel, Sean de Souza, Lisa Nirell, C.J Hayden, John Eggen, Jill Konrath, Alex Mandossian, Mark Silver, Michael Neil, David Frey, and many others. 

Q - There's a lot of material in the Club? Won't I get overwhelmed?

A - When you join the Club, we get you focused on one thing - The Fast Track to More Clients Modules. You simply do one module at a time. You can also take advantage of the Forum and Caching Calls to support you in moving through the Fast Track Modules. Once you've completed the Fast Track Modules, you can take advantage of the other materials such as the Expert Interviews at your pace. And remember, the Club membership is about support, so we support you in making consistent progress. 

Q - How long should I expect to be a member?

A - Members typically stay from six months to 2 years. Because this is a self-paced marketing system, you can move at your own rate without feeling pressure. You'll move faster if you take advantage of the Marketing Forum and Mastermind Groups. Again, support is the key to success. Your best deal is the lifetime membership. 

Q - I want to market products online. Is this included in the Club?

A - No, the Club is all about marketing professional services, not products. However, if you do want to market products or programs online, this is the material you need to master before you do. You need to know how to communicate about your business and services with clarity and impact. We do however, include a lot of detailed how-to information on developing your web content, and marketing high-end programs. 

Q - Can I get any personal feedback on my marketing?

A - Yes, you can get feedback on every aspect of your marketing through the Marketing Forum and Coaching Calls. Not only do I answer most questions, several other people will usually answer your question as well, provide resources, etc. We'll even take a look at your website and give you feedback about what's working and not working. Often we'll point you to certain areas of the Club that can give you a more in-depth answer.

Q - What have others said about the More Clients Club?

A - Below are several unsolicited testimonials about how the Club has helped our members. 

"Even though I was an experienced business professional of over 30 years, and ran companies that had million dollar advertising and marketing budgets I had no idea how to market just me! The More Clients Club which I joined just nine months ago, with all of its wonderful features and benefits fixed all that. I started this year off using the tools and processes outlined in the Club and have landed three significant consulting engagements in the first two months equaling the entire total from last year." 

      – Wayne Brietbart 

"Since updating my website using what I learned in the Website Toolkit, my website has taken off. When I started, I had no visitors to my website, yes a big fat zero! Eight months later I’ve been averaging over 6000 unique visitors every month. I didn’t have an email list before and now I have over 1500 people on my list. I send a newsletter every other week and I’m averaging 3-5 new subscribers every day. My traffic ranking at was over 2,500,000 at the beginning of the year and this week I’m now at 96,312 and climbing fast. My Google page rank has risen from 0 to 4 since August when I implemented most of my changes." 

      – Ted Prodromou

"Your program is SO HELPFUL!!! So complete, (the website info & examples, alone are usually guarded material) packed with everything an independent professional needs, I have NEVER experienced anything like it! I have been searching, digging and following a bunch of folks, and I've worked with web people, editors, copywriters, coaches trying to get off the ground a bit and have not experienced anything like what you offer. I will be a successful coach because of you!

Thanks to you I stopped searching & digging for help. At just $29.00/month I have more tools than I need to move from employee to independent professional! Your program, info and guidance is MORE than marketing! I have a wealth of respect for you and the service you offer!" 

      – Brian Braudis

"I bought several of your programs through the years and joined your More Client Club in February 2011, putting in many hours of study and application. What are the results? My Built for Results Program and my marketing work. My income doubled in 2010, and again in 2011 and at the start of 2012 my target for this year is another doubling. Compound doubling is invigorating! I only accept Ideal Clients and only need 8 to 10. I feel very confident but still do a RM/Byron Katie Getting Unstuck Worksheet when stuck. I now have a member login on my website, and next have to optimize every page of my content-rich website. My Daily Dashboard keeps me focused and I am most certainly living and working a full but comfortable seven-day week. Is there a recession?" 

 Albert van Niekerk

"Before I signed up for your Club, I was trying to get the courage up to raise the prices of my services from $1400 to $1900. But after listening to your recent series on high-value, high-priced packages in the Club, I now command $7,100 or more per client! I'm just coming off my two best months ever, at $24K and 26K respectively! Not bad, coming from the $17K I made all year three years ago!" 

      – Tammy Kabell

"I have implemented many improvements in my corporation since joining the More Clients Club, specifically an increase in sales contacts which has led to more clients. The biggest impact the Club has made for me is instilling confidence. I've learned that it's okay to be nervous, but to go ahead and do it anyway! 

      –  Peggy Johnson

"I really plan out time to read and cross-read posts and content from your More Clients Club because I've gone from 356 customers just using the spray and pray approach versus targeted communication that gave us the chance to serve 12,112 customers since we implemented the ideas in your system." 

      – Mike Wanner

Q - So where do I start?

A - Just scroll up the page and sign up for the Club. Start with the Fast Track Modules to learn the fundamentals of attracting your ideal clients and then go from there. And ask me questions on the Forum. I'll answer them personally. 

Join the Club Now