When you're ready to attract a lot of great clients

If you don't have as many clients as you need and you don't know how to attract them...

If you're tired of hype-filled marketing and want to market with authenticity and integrity...

And if you're sick and tired of avoiding, delaying and procrastinating about marketing...

Then keep reading...


What you need to consistently attract new paying clients:

You need good, solid marketing information and time-tested systems that work. You don’t need generalities; you need specifics such as:

1. Exactly how to communicate in a way that generates attention and interest. Marketing is 100% communication, so this is extraordinarily important. And almost everyone is bad at this.

2. You need written marketing materials and a website that are professional. First impressions count, and you need to grab attention and provide the information to give your prospects reasons to take the next step. 

3. You need various step-by-step marketing strategies. And you need to implement them and get yourself out there. You need to connect with people, educate them about your services and find those who need what you have to offer.

4. You need a complete, bullet-proof selling or enrollment process to convert qualified prospects into paying clients. This is actually quite easy if you structure your conversations so that prospects see the real value in working with you.

These are the fundamentals you must understand to be successful with your marketing. 

You also need support in putting your marketing into action

That is, you need to give up going it alone. You need to engage with others, ask questions, get encouragement and be accountable for taking action instead of being stuck in avoidance and perfectionism.  

I know this is an issue for Independent Professionals. After all, we're independent, right? But admit it – we can never know everything, and often we just don't know what we don't know. If you got the support to move into action, imagine what you could accomplish.

Support leads to real breakthroughs. You stop putting things off and start doing things outside your comfort zone. You get energized, tap into your creativity and resourcefulness and make things happen.

So if you want marketing information that works to attract clients and support in putting that information into action, you're in the right place. Let me tell you all about the More Clients Club and how it can help you attain your marketing goals. 


"Even though I was an experienced business professional of over 30 years, and ran companies that had million dollar advertising and marketing budgets I had no idea how to market just me! The More Clients Club which I joined just nine months ago, with all of its wonderful features and benefits fixed all that. 

I started this year off using the tools and processes outlined in the Club and have landed three significant consulting engagements in the first two months equaling the entire total from last year." 

– Wayne Breitbart



The More Clients Club was designed for you

The More Clients Club is an online membership website for Independent Professionals that provides the information you need to market yourself successfully, while supporting you in putting your marketing into action.  

Solid, Proven, and Tested Marketing Information - The Club consists of several step-by-step marketing tutorials, programs and courses. Instead of reading hundreds of long books, as I did (where 50% or more was filler), you get very focused marketing lessons in both written and audio formats. The exercises and assignments get you to apply what you learn.

Support, ideas, feedback and butt-kicking – Information without support leads to inaction. In the Club we have live video sessions, we answer your most pressing marketing questions and give you feedback on the marketing you're doing. In sort, we give you what you need to produce great marketing results. 

My goal was to make the More Clients Club as complete as possible and provide the marketing information and how-tos that worked because they are time-tested systems and approaches - stuff I've been using myself and with my clients for over 30 years.

And, by the way, you can still remain an authentic person and keep your integrity intact when you market your professional services. In fact, your authenticity is one of your most valuable marketing assets.

If this all resonates with you, then read below for a complete outline of what's included in the More Clients Club. 


"I have implemented many improvements in my corporation since joining the More Clients Club. Specifically and increase in sales contact which has led to more clients. The biggest impact the Club has made for me is instilling confidence. I've learned that it's OK to be nervous, but to go ahead and do it anyway!

– Peggy Johnson



Here's an overview of what's included in the More Clients Club

The Club is organized for ease-of-use. Everything is online in one place. If you can follow simple step-by-step directions, you'll succeed. 

It's divided into the following three parts:

1. The Monthly Club Content - Marketing support and ideas to keep your marketing on track

2. The Core Club Content - Five in-depth programs and tutorials that teach the art of marketing professional services

3. The Bonus Club Content  -  Additional materials such as interviews, recordings, and resources that give you an edge

Monthly Club Content

The monthly offerings of the Club are designed to inform, support and inspire you to move forward with your marketing. As a member, each month you'll have full access to the following: 

1. Live Monthly Video Sessions

These live video conference sessions are designed to give you ideas and inspiration to take the next step in your marketing - Each 90-minute session is conducted via Zoom Video. All you need is a computer. We explore any and all questions and challenges related to marketing and selling your professional services. Sessions are on Wednesday at 12 noon Pacific. However, these video sessions will be recorded if you can't attend live. 

2. Expert Interviews

These recorded Expert Interviews give you insight and ideas on marketing your services and producing results for your clients.  We'll talk about how these Independent Professionals started their businesses, how they've attracted clients and how they work with their clients. Every audio interview comes with a written transcription. We post a new one in the Club every month. 

3. Online Club Forum

The Club Forum is an active discussion group where members get practical answers to their marketing questions. If you don't find the answer in the Club content or need some feedback, you can ask on the Forum and get answers from both me and other Club members. 

4. Weekly Club Bulletin

Each week, on Friday mornings, you'll receive a Club Bulletin to support your marketing efforts.  It's sent by email with reminders of upcoming calls, posts of interviews and the "Marketing Tip of the Week." 

5. New Stuff and Resources

Every month I add new material and resources to the Club, often in the form of articles, reports and detailed how-to-marketing strategies to support you with the most current and actionable marketing ideas available. 


"Your program is SO HELPFUL!!! So complete, (the website info & examples, alone are usually guarded material)...so packed with everything an independent professional needs, I have NEVER experienced anything like it! I have been searching, digging and following a bunch of folks, and I've worked with web people, editors, copywriters, coaches trying to get off the ground a bit and have not experienced anything like what you offer. I will be a successful coach because of you!

Thanks to you I stopped searching & digging for help. At just $29.00/month I have more tools than I need to move from employee to independent professional! Your program, info and guidance is MORE than marketing! I have a wealth of respect for you and the service you offer!" 

      – Brian Braudis



The Club Core Content

As a Club Member, you also get all of the following online programs and courses. As the title say, these are at the CORE of the Club and include the most important marketing information and systems to get your marketing up and running successfully.

All of this Core Content is included at no extra cost with your Monthly Club membership. 

1. Fast Tack Program

The Step-by-Step Client-Attracting Program for Independent Professionals. This program takes you through seven modules on successfully playing the game of marketing, developing your marketing message, communicating verbally about your business, developing marketing materials, launching various marketing strategies, selling your services and getting your marketing unstick. This program is at the heart of the Club.

Includes written and recorded materials, and hands-on marketing exercises. 

2. Website ToolKit

If you want to build your website from scratch or improve parts of your existing website, this program gives you detailed step-by-step instructions. It primarily focuses on what content to include on each of the pages in your site with guidelines for design, formatting your site for attractiveness, accessibility and getting response. 

Includes step-by-step guidelines for writing every single page of your website, plus actual samples of dozens of web pages, design guidelines and resources of design and editing. Thousands of people have used this resource.

3. Unstuck Process Program

If you get stuck in your marketing, this program, offers a simple, yet powerful step-by-step model for getting unstuck.  Based on the materials in My Unstuck Process Book, you'll learn to identify stuck beliefs and patterns and get beyond them in a very short period of time.  

4. Closing the Big Sale

This program goes into greater depth about the whole selling (or enrollment) process from beginning to end. The emphasis is on selling bigger programs to companies. It includes how to set your business up to sell big programs, write powerful online sales letters and conduct non-manipulative selling conversations. 

5. Next Level Courses

This is a collection of Five, 3-part courses on important areas of marketing, including:

1. A System to Get More Done in Less Time

2. Get More Attention with a Magnetic Marketing Message

3. Build Credibility with a Powerful "Core Issue Article"

4. Develop and Design a Home Page that Gets Action

5. Develop Marketing Action Plans That Actually Get Implemented

These courses include recordings, written materials, step-by-step action plans and exercises.


"I bought several of your programs through the years and joined your More Client Club in February 2011, putting in many hours of study and application. What are the results? My Built for Results Program and my marketing work. My income doubled two years ago, and again the year after, and at the start of this year my target for this year is another doubling. 

Compound doubling is invigorating! I only accept Ideal Clients and only need 8 to 10. I feel very confident but still do a RM/Byron Katie Getting Unstuck Worksheet when stuck. I now have a member login on my website, and next have to optimize every page of my content-rich website. My Daily Dashboard keeps me focused and I am most certainly living and working a full but comfortable seven-day week. Business has never been better.

Albert van Niekerk


The Club Bonus Content

In addition to the Core Club Content, Programs and Courses, you get the following bonus materials. These bonuses expand on the Core Club Materials with marketing action plans, expert interviews, recorded coaching calls and a wide variety of marketing resources.

Again, all of this Bonus Content at no extra cost  with your monthly Club membership. 

1. Marketing Action Plans

This is a resource for developing marketing action plans for several marketing strategies that are most effective for Independent Professionals. One of the most useful parts of the Club, we cover five of the most effective marketing strategies in depth, with sample plans, resources and links to useful articles on the topic.

2. Expert Interviews

This is a collection of recorded expert interviews on virtually every area of attracting clients as an Independent Professional. Includes more than 60 interviews by top marketing experts - you get both audio recordings and transcriptions. All are engaging, informative and practical, full of how-to strategies and plans.

3. Recorded Coaching Calls

The calls include a ton of practical marketing tips. Conducted over a five-year period, they contain dozens of interactive calls on every aspect of marketing you can think of, from messaging, to written materials to selling and getting unstuck. The call participants put me on the spot on almost every call and I answer with detailed solutions and strategies. 

4. Accountability Partners

If you choose, we can match you up with an accountability partner so you can support each other in going through the materials in the Club, make agreements about taking action and provide emotional support to keep your marketing move forward.

5. Marketing Resources

This is a big collection of resources you can use in your marketing. It includes the following:

1. PDF copies of the bestselling InfoGuru Marketing Manual and Marketing Ball books.
2. Samples of various Marketing Materials such as articles, websites, marketing plans, etc.
3. Recommended Marketing Books

4. Marketing Partners with recommended services

And that's it – everything you get in the More Clients Club. Enough to get your marketing started and your business growing for years to come. 


"Before I signed up for your Club, I was trying to get the courage up to raise the prices of my services from $1400 to $1900. But after listening to your recent series on high-value, high-priced packages in the Club, I now command $7,100 or more per client! I'm just coming off my two best months ever, at $24K and 26K respectively! Not bad, coming from the $17K I made all year three years ago!" 

      – Tammy Kabell



My promise to you as a Club Member

This is what's possible for you as a Club member:

1. You can be a better, more successful marketer of your services – without all the hype and manipulations usually associated with marketing. It's just a matter of understanding certain common-sense marketing principles and practices and then applying them one step at a time. 

2. You can get your marketing unstuck and get past your marketing resistance. We'll show you how to get unstuck, find the information you need, put your plans into action and produce results beyond what you think is possible. 

3. I've designed the programs and the materials in the Club to be as easy-to-follow as possible. Nothing in the Club is theory or speculation. That's because I've personally applied and successfully implemented these approaches in my own business and my clients' businesses over the past 30 years. 

4. You can grow your business. You can attract more of your ideal clients. You can get better at it one step at a time. And ultimately you can have fun with the process of attracting great clients you love to work with and make the difference you wanted to when you started your business.

I've seen this so many times with clients and Club members that I'm not surprised anymore.

Why I can help you with your marketing

I'm Robert Middleton and I've been helping Independent Professionals attract more of their ideal clients for more than 30 years. I don't have a marketing degree – I'm self-taught – but got a lot of help from marketing experts along the way.

What makes me unique is that as soon as I hear about a good marketing idea I try it out, test it, fine-tune it, prove that it works (or not) and then teach it. I hate theory, I love what actually works. And I also hate marketing hype and BS.

After about ten years in business I wrote the online bestseller, the InfoGuru Marketing Manual, then led dozes of Marketing Action Groups to teach this material to hundreds of people. That led to my Marketing Mastery Program and the More Clients Club (over 4,580 people have joined over the past 7 1/2 years). I've also been sending out my More Clients eZine/Blog weekly for almost 20 years to over 30,000 subscribers.


I know this stuff. I'm really good at it and I love teaching it. And most importantly, it works. I also love to help Independent Professionals succeed in their businesses by becoming better, more confident marketers of their services.


"I really plan out time to read and cross-read posts and content from your More Clients Club because I've gone from 356 customers just using the spray and pray approach versus targeted communication that gave us the chance to serve 12,112 customers since we implemented the ideas in your system." 

       Mike Wanner


I invite you to join – here's everything you'll get:

1. The Monthly Club Content and Support with ideas and inspiration to keep your marketing on track. 

2. Core Club Content including in-depth marketing programs and courses. 

3. Bonus Club Content with marketing action plans, expert interviews, recordings and marketing resources. 

The Monthly Membership fee for everything in the Club is $29.00

Membership policy: You can join for as long as you like and leave when you want. However, realize that you will get value in proportion to your activity in the Club. If you really want to take your marketing to a whole new level, plan to tap into the content and support of the Club to the fullest extent possible.

After your first month, you will be automatically charged $29 per month unless you ask us to stop your membership. 

Here's what to do: Click on the link below and you'll be taken to a sign-up page.

Click here to sign up

Just choose the Monthly Access and select Credit Card or PayPal as your payment method. 

Once you're in, check out the home page and poke around the Club.

Go slow so you don't get overwhelmed! 

You'll be getting the first weekly Club Bulletin on Friday Mornings, so check it out.

Important Note: If you use gmail, the Bulletin may end up in your Promotions folder. So look there and tag it so it goes into your regular email box. 

I look forward to seeing you in the Club!


Robert Middleton