We help Independent Professionals who want to attract more clients. 

Most Action Plan Marketing clients and customers are Independent Professional businesses or what we call "Info-Gurus." These are business such as consultants, coaches, trainers, speakers, writers and therapists who are focused on helping individuals and organizations develop, grow, change, evolve, improve or transform.

Typically our clients and customers possess expertise in a wide variety of business-related services all focused on making and impact or a contribution.

The expertise they do NOT possess is how to attract clients more consistently.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You are new in business and don't have much marketing experience. Perhaps you're a newly minted coach or consultant. You have the training and life and/or business experience to make a difference with your clients but you really have no idea where to start with marketing your services.

You have tried a lot of things to market yourself without much success. You've tried networking, speaking, writing and perhaps even have a web site but nothing is working very well. Clients are not yet flocking to your door and you wonder if you just need to be patient or are you doing everything wrong?

You have been in business awhile but your sources of new clients are drying up. It's not unusual for markets to change, for contacts to move on and for old marketing approaches to stop working. Can you reestablish yourself without taking forever and without spending a fortune?

You are a larger professional services firm(consulting, training etc.) and your partners or those responsible for bringing in new business need to become better marketers. You may have spent money on sales training but have not gotten good results. You need more qualified prospects.

You have a built-in aversion to marketing and selling yourself. This is very common. We wanted to own our own business, practice our expertise and service our clients, not spend all our time chasing clients. You may think you're not the marketing type and couldn't turn a prospect into a client unless they shoved a check into your hand!

You have a successful business and you want to do better. You realize that although you have been fairly successful in attracting clients, you could be a whole lot better at it. You want to learn new approaches and strategies to marketing and selling your services that work more consistently.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. You're in the right place. There is help for you here.

Our clients fall into one of the following categories:

Consultants, Coaches and Therapists:
Anyone who sells their expertise or who helps clients achieve results.

Management, technical, human resource, process improvement, marketing, productivity, substance abuse, energy, organization development, communications, employment, proposal writing, financial, Internet, software, computer, hospital... and many more.

Trainers, Speakers and Writers:
Anyone who teaches, educates or trains clients, including those who lead workshops and seminars.

Stress management, presentation skills, writing, conflict management, organizing, team building, communication, diversity, language, personal growth, customer service...

Marketing and Creative Professionals:
Anyone involved in the marketing and creative professions

Writers, copywriters, graphic designers, web designers, market researchers, marketing consultants and coaches. 

Traditional Professions:
If you are a self-employed professional or member of a professional firm and your focus is on making a contribution.

Accountants, financial planners, attorneys, engineers, architects, executive recruiters, health care practitioners and others.

Who is most likely to succeed using our contribution-based approach to marketing?

My clients and customers typically share many of the following characteristics. If these fit you as well, you are likely someone I can help attract new clients.

Committed to making a contribution - Above all else you are interested in making an impact and a difference with your clients.

High standards of excellence - Good enough isn't. You are interested in being the very best in your field.

Very knowledgeable about your business - You strive to be true experts and valuable resources to your clients.

Hard worker - committed to success - You are persistent and willing to try many things to achieve results.

Realize you can't know everything - But you are willing to get assistance and expand your knowledge and expertise.

Willing to invest in yourself and your business - You know this is the best investment of all.

Committed to mutually supportive relationships - In business and life you realize that you can't make it alone.

If you fit the profile above you can be successful in marketing your services. I've helped thousands of Independent Professionals like you attract more clients. I can help you grow your business through our affordable and information-packed More Clients Club. Take a look at what's included and how it works: 

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