Are you helping as many clients as you'd like to?

As an independent professional, would you like to increase your business substantially or even double it (or more) in a year or so? 

The challenge is that you may be missing a few very important things that are essential to achieving that.

Mostly you need specialized knowledge and skills in marketing and selling your services.


Marketing and selling aren't a locked box or a mystery.

But these days there is so much information on marketing and selling one's professional services that it's hard to know exactly what to do or where to start.

However, If you have the know-how and the right kind of support, you can be hugely successful at attracting more of your ideal clients – at much higher fees.


One of my clients, Sal Sylvester, commented on the long-term impact of our work together: 

"Robert's program fundamentally changed my business. Before my work with Robert, I ran mostly short-term workshops – one or two-day sessions. Sometimes a series of workshops. My average deal size was probably $2,500 - $5,000. Today, my average deal size ranges from $25k to $100k.

"One year after the course was complete, my revenues went from about $170k per year to $260k. Then to $300k. They then doubled to $600k. And this year to over $900k. The foundation for all of this growth is the hard work that went into Robert's program. He not only taught me sound marketing and sales principles, but helped me change my mindset on what was possible."


What you need to do to get these kind of results:

The first is to understand the fundamentals of marketing and selling for independent professionals. I'm not talking about gimmicks, hype or silver bullets.

I'm referring to sound and proven approaches to getting the interest and attention of your ideal prospective clients and then converting them into high-paying clients. I've been perfecting this approach since 1984.


I recommend you start with my Marketing Plan Workbook.

This workbook has been the start of successful marketing for more than a hundred-fifty thousand independent professionals since 1997.

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"I had struggled with a lot of the things that most people have struggled with in their marketing. I signed up for Robert’s eZine and started reading it. I don’t know what it was, but I really felt I could trust him.

"And then I participated in his Marketing Action Groups. Looking back over the year after I had taken the program I realized our courses were selling out really consistently, our revenue had basically doubled from the year previous – and that’s pretty cool!"


Mark Silver - Heart of Business