You are a successful Independent Professional who makes a real difference in your work. However, you often struggle with how to communicate powerfully about what you do – without the hype. How do you generate attention and interest for your business without sacrificing your integrity (and dignity)? In other words, how do you market the "real you"?



You want to communicate with impact and connect with new clients. You want to generate attention and interest in a way that is consistent with your authentic self. You want to be clear without being boring, relevant without coming across as "me-centered" and compelling without going over the top. You can do this.



The Action Plan approach to marketing is different. It's more relaxed and informal and doesn't resort to gimmicks or hype. It's honest and direct. When you use this kind of marketing you get more attention and interest from the right kind of clients. Your communication and connections become easy, less forced. It's fun. And you ultimately attract more of the clients you love to work with. 



I offer services and programs that teach this more self-aware approach to marketing. But you can check those out later. The first thing is to get a taste of my approach to marketing that is both authentic and effective. Again, without the hype.

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Get the workbook if you want to understand the most important keys to attracting clients as an Independent Professional. Includes in-depth instructions, exercises and worksheets. 

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"I had struggled with a lot of the things that most people have struggled with in their marketing. I signed up for Robert’s eZine and started reading it. I don’t know what it was, but I really felt I could trust him.

"And then I participated in his Marketing Action Groups. Looking back over the year after I had taken the program I realized our courses were selling out really consistently, our revenue had basically doubled from the year previous – and that’s pretty cool!"


Mark Silver - Heart of Business