Are you a successful Independent Professional such as a business coach, management, consultant, corporate trainer or financial professional who offers high quality professional services but are not attracting as many clients as you need, and perhaps struggle with your marketing?



What you may need is an approach to marketing your professional services that gets the attention and interest of your ideal clients without a lot of hype. You want to be clear without being boring, relevant without coming across as "me-centered" and exciting without going over the top.



The Action Plan system of marketing uses eight time-tested and proven approaches to marketing that results in the following: More attention and interest in your services, more meaningful interaction with prospective clients and turning more of them into ideal, high-paying clients.



The services offered by Action Plan Marketing include our Next Level Marketing Programs, The More Clients Club, Marketing Action Coaching and the New Marketing Mastery Program. 

But the first thing I'd like to offer you is an in-depth overview of our 8-Step Marketing System with a Free copy of the Marketing Plan Workbook (pdf file).




The Game of Marketing, Marketing Mindset, Marketing Messages, Marketing Conversations, Marketing Currency, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Plans and Selling Conversations. Includes exercises and worksheets.

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