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If you’re an Independent Professional such as a business coach, management consultant or corporate trainer who offers great services, but you’re not attracting as many clients as you need, or you’re struggling with marketing your business, you’ve come to the right place.

You need two big things to be successful at marketing your services: Information and Action. These days we are overwhelmed by information. We need a little less information and a lot more action!

Action Plan Marketing offers marketing programs and coaching to help you move into action quickly with your marketing and start connecting with and converting prospects into paying clients. 

I’m Robert Middleton, and since 1984 I’ve worked with thousands of Independent Professionals, helping them become confident marketers, get more visibility and attention for their services, attract more clients and increase their incomes – all without the usual marketing hype.

Marketing starts with a few basic principles and action steps. And you can get started right away for very little money. Please check out two areas of the website first:

1. Get the Free Marketing Starter Kit with four valuable reports on attracting your ideal clients, plus a weekly newsletter, More Clients (since 1997) with practical tips on effective marketing for Independent professionals.

2. Check out the More Clients Club (since 2009) and get access to online marketing tutorials and programs plus weekly live calls to support you in taking action. For only $29 per month. Nobody else, for any price, is offering the information, resources and support we do in the Club to grow your business in an organized, effective way. 

If you are not attracting enough clients or the clients you want, we have the information you need and the support to help you implement it. And you can start today.  

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