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I'd Like to Welcome You by Giving You My "More Clients Starter Kit"

This Starter Kit gives Independent Professionals a whole new perspective on marketing. With this new perspective you will see what it actually takes to attract more of your ideal clients.
It contains 4 hands-on reports that will help you understand how to turn marketing into a contribution, stop avoiding marketing activities, offer services to higher-end clients, and realize some of the most common marketing mistakes you're probably making. 



The More Clients Club

A Complete, Step-by-Step Program for Attracting Your Ideal Clients

The Marketing Club is my primary program for Independent Professionals. It covers every single element of how to develop and implement marketing messages, content and plans that attract your ideal clients. 
The Club consists of extensive online training materials and support systems. This includes step-by-step Marketing Modules, Expert Interviews, Live Coaching Calls, Mastermind Groups, and a very active Club Forum for direct feedback. 




Client-Attraction Ideas

By Robert Middleton

Combating the Hype-Factor in Your Marketing

Do you sometimes read a web page or other marketing materials and feel that it's mostly hype? 

Hype is defined as "extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion." 

If you're a professional you don't want to use hype in marketing as it ultimately turns people off more than it attracts people to your services. Hype also tends to attract the wrong kind of clients, often those with unrealistic expectations.

On the other hand, some professionals are so hype-adverse that they avoid marketing of any kind. To them marketing equals hype; there is no difference in their minds. 

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By Robert Middleton
Why All Selling Should be Non-Manipulative Selling
If marketing is difficult for some people, selling is even harder. In the same way that marketing is seen as dishonest, selling is seen as manipulative. However, if we look closely, we’ll see that selling is most effective when it’s not manipulative. 

The dictionary defines manipulation as: “Control or influence over a person – cleverly, unfairly or unscrupulously.”

Do some people use manipulation in selling? No question about it. But do you have to? No you don’t. And in my experience, a non-manipulative approach to selling is much more powerful and effective than manipulation can ever be. 

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By Robert Middleton

The Costco Factor - or Why Giving Out Samples is the Key to Effective Marketing

If you've ever found yourself roaming a cavernous Costco warehouse to pick up your 12-pack Britta filers, cheap jeans or giant-sized frozen strawberries, you've also noticed something else. 

You've noticed that at the end of most of the 2-story food aisles are men and women wearing white smocks and hairnets giving out tasty food samples to the throngs of members. 

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By Robert Middleton

What Exactly is Authentic Marketing (and is it Really Authentic?)

Everybody talks about authentic marketing, but what is it really? Is it just another buzzword to convince people that you and your services are a good choice?

I also see a lot of terms these days like "spiritual marketing," "soul-based marketing" and "conscious marketing." 

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