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The More Clients Club

The More Clients Club is a complete marketing resource for self-employed professionals. It includes marketing courses, tutorials, interviews, and resources to help you attract more clients. In addition, it includes an ongoing, twice-monthly live Marketing Action Program via Zoom Video. The membership to the Club, for all this value is only $9 per month. 

Why the More Clients Club?

If you're a self-employed professional, you know it's challenging to consistently attract clients. How do you find them, get their attention, engage with them, and ultimately get them to hire you? Where should you put your marketing efforts and dollars? And how do you keep your marketing on track, even when facing indifference and even rejection? If you don't solve these issues, you'll never grow your business. But the Club can help you. 

How the Club will help you

The More Clients club has the answers to all of the above challenges. Through the courses and tutorials in the program, you'll learn how to develop your marketing message, implement the most effective marketing strategies, and conduct selling conversations. You'll learn the 'language of marketing' and what it takes to get the attention and interest of prospective clients. You'll learn how to land more clients and earn higher fees, through proven strategies that have worked for thousands of Club members. 

How Does the Club Work?

The Club consists of several step-by-step marketing tutorials: Where I suggest you start is with the Marketing Action Program (MAP) which you can access through the first tab in the navigation - Start Here. This program takes you step-by-step through the most important marketing principles and practices. This program was originally recorded live and you can either listen to the audio or watch the video. Then simply follow instructions and do the homework for each of the ten sessions. This program provides a solid foundation for all the other tutorials and courses in the Club. 

A Solid Track Record

Since 2009, thousands of self-employed professionals have belonged to the More Clients Club. Members include business coaches, management consultants, corporate trainers, web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, career consultants, executive recruiters, programmers, financial planners, and just about every other kind self-employed professional you can think of. The thing they all have in common is that they are self-employed and ready to attract more clients to their business. 

"I keep telling my friends that for the price of a glass of wine or a couple of Starbucks
a month, it's the best marketing program and advice of anything I've seen. And I love
the "no hype" flavor best!"

Linda Howard

To Learn More

Click here to learn more about the Club and to join if you think it's the right step for your business. 

I look forward to meeting you in the Club!


Robert Middleton