Welcome, and please watch this short video of Robert Middleton interviewing Alan Weiss.

Are you ready to take your consulting or coaching business to a whole new level of success?

If you are, this is not something that will happen accidentally. 

You need to learn exactly what to do and how to do it. 

Sometime in 1998, I was introduced to Alan Weiss's book, Million Dollar Consulting. 

Reading that book marked the end of ten years of struggling in my business and starting to earn good money for the first time. 

His powerful concept of value pricing alone changed the way I thought about promoting, packaging and selling my services. It came out of the simple realization that what I had to offer was valuable and made a difference to my clients. 

I attended a few of Alan's workshops, learned even more powerful concepts about growing my business, and ultimately took my marketing coaching business to new heights. 

I published the online bestseller, The InfoGuru Marketing Manual

I started leading group programs by teleconference for a 10-year period

I earned more money in a year than I used to earn in five years

I bought a house in a redwood forest with a river in my backyard and built an office where I still work 14 years later

Sure, I put in a lot of hard work, but if it hadn't been for Alan's ideas, I don't know where I'd be today. 

What's Included in the Program?

Alan has assembled all the recordings (video and audio) of all his programs from the past 20 years. It's a treasure trove of practical ideas on successfully building your consulting or coaching business. 

In the video above I showed you all the programs contained in the Growth Acess programs. Essentially there are three categories of content in the program:

1. Stand-alone teleclass or webinar programs - usually about one hour long. These are perfect when you want a laser-focused training program on a particular business building topic. 

2. In-depth programs - usually, live videos of workshops. These programs will help you if you are looking for in-depth knowledge and specific how-tos. Programs include talks, participant interactions, and question & answer sessions with Alan.

3. Articles, blog posts, and newsletters. Incisive ideas on a wide variety of business-building topics.  

Includes about $75,000 worth of material and experiences if purchased separately over the years. And Alan adds new material quarterly. 

A Little About Alan Weiss

I want to point out that Alan is one of the most successful management consultants in the world. And he happens to be a brilliant teacher as well. He's an expert at formulating exactly how to do something to get the very best results. He's like a walking and talking how-to manual. 

He's called the Million Dollar Consultant because he discovered how to earn a million dollars a year (and more) in his consulting business, year after year after year. And he's taught thousands of consultants and coaches very much like you and me to successfully follow his methods to get stellar results. 

Thre are a lot of programs out there on marketing, but very few on all the ins and outs of attracting high-end clients. The ideas contained in the Growth Access program are essentially about how to communicate powerfully to buyers at any level in the organization. 

Want to get the attention of the CEO of a company? Alan gives you a step-by-step methodology on how to do that.

Need to put together a presentation that wows your prospect and makes you the obvious choice? Alan will show you exactly how.

Don't know how to ask a satisfied client for referrals? Alan provides word-for-word scripting. 

Need to put together a killer proposal? Alan has you covered and shows how to write them quickly.

Alan's work is comprehensive. If you have a question about growing your business, you're going to find it here. And you won't get superficial answers, but lots of in-depth, how-to strategies and tactics. 

Alan's Offer for the Growth Access Program

As Alan said, in the video, the regular price for the Growth Access Program is $2500. However, as a favor to me, Alan reduced the fee by $500, so you only pay $2,000. That's a one-time fee for lifetime access to all of his powerful business-building materials.

But I wanted to make it even more rewarding to get access to all of Alan's teleclasses, webinars, writings, and programs.

If you purchase the Growth Access Program I'll also include my own membership program, the More Clients Club.

I've been offering access to the Club for the past 8 years for $29 per month or $497 for lifetime access. This is a chance to get it as a bonus to the Growth Acess program for not a penny more. 

In the Club you get a whole lot of great marketing ideas and instruction as well:

The Fast Track to More Clients program - A foundational program on marketing for Independent Professionals

The Website ToolKit - a step-by-step tutorial on developing the content for your website

The Next Level Teleclass Series of advanced marketing instruction

Expert Marketing Interviews - with over 60 hands-on and how-to interviews. 

Coaching Call Recordings - Several years of interactive teleconferences on every marketing topic you can think of

And several other extras. 

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your marketing knowledge and expertise by studying these materials? You get the complete Growth Access Program and the More Clients Club access (both for a lifetime) for one payment on your credit card of $2000. 

Yes, I know that for anyone this is not a trivial amount of money. 

But what is one meeting with an ideal prospective client worth?

What is it worth to get a high-level referral from an existing client?

And what would it mean to turn more meetings into high-paying clients?

Every dollar and hour of time I've spent learning Alan's approaches to growing my business has paid off many times over. 

That's all I have to say. Remember, I don't believe in marketing hype but in delivering the real goods. If you haven't watched the video yet, please do so as it will give you a very good sense of Alan and how he thinks about these ideas. 

This offer is for a limited time only. The promotion is now over, but I'm keeping this page up for a few more days if you still want to take advantage of the discount and the Club membership. But do act now as the page will be taken down soon!

Here's the link to order:

Just click here to purchase and get immediate access to the Growth Access Program.   

After Alan gets your signup, he' ll forward you the access and then give me your contact details so I can give you the More Clients Club Acess. That will take a few days. 

I wish you all the success in the world in growing your business. 

On behalf of Alan Weiss, all the best,

Robert Middleton