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Robert Middleton speaks to groups of self-employed professionals such as management consultants, business coaches, corporate trainers, marketing and design professionals, financial planners and other professional service businesses. 

Robert will speak for free to the following groups in the San Francisco Bay Area:

Chambers of Commerce

Professional Associations

Alumni Business Groups

Business Conferences (where no one is paid)

He will also speak to these same kinds of groups outside the San Francisco Bay Area if he is reimbursed for travel, meals and lodging, as required.

Robert also speaks for a fee (call to discuss rates) for:

Business conferences (where speakers are paid)

In-house programs for larger service businesses

Speaking Formats

Whether you are looking for a 60-90 minute keynote, a 3-hr seminar or full-day workshop, Robert can provide an exciting, interactive presentation that will motivate your members to take more effective action to attract more clients. 

Signature Topic

Robert's signature topic is "Attracting High-End Clients" which comes from his 26 years of experience working with thousands of participants in his programs and with hundreds of individual clients. Robert has developed a proven methodology to turn qualified prospects into high-paying clients. The presentation outlines his step-by-step methodology and uses stories, interactive exercises and demonstrations to get his ideas across. 

Other Topics

Although, "Attracting More High-End Clients" is Robert's most in-demand, signature topic he can also present on these other marketing and selling topics geared for self-employed professionals:

The Audio Logo - get your attention-getting message across in ten seconds

Your Marketing Mindset - Get your marketing unstuck and on track 

Effective Follow-Up - The secrets to making more appointments with qualified prospects

Website Breakthroughs - What you must put on your website to get higher response

Strategy Sessions - The key to converting prospects into paying clients

If you would like to book Robert for a speaking engagement or would like to know more, please give him a call at 831-338-7790 or fill out and submit the form below. You can also email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thank you!

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