Robert Middleton – The Unstuck Expert

Robert Middleton has been consulting and coaching small businesses owners since 1984. He’s a recognized authority on marketing for professionals and small businesses and is the author of three books.

His InfoGuru Marketing Manual was an international bestseller that became the bible for self-employed people who wanted to attract more of their ideal clients. His latest book, The Unstuck Process, is a concise guide for getting unstuck in any area of your life, both professionally or personally.

“I realized in in my work with hundreds of clients that the primary difference between successful and unsuccessful ones was not education, knowledge or even motivation, but the beliefs they held. So I went on a search to find the most effective approaches to getting past limiting, fearful beliefs that held my clients back.

“I did discover this approach and then went to work to help my clients get unstuck from their limiting fears and beliefs. And I applied this process to myself to produce results at a higher level than I had ever thought possible.”

Robert has been self-employed for his entire career and is an accomplished writer, speaker, consultant, coach, and designer. Every week for the past 17 years he has written articles for his eZine and Blog, More Clients, sharing his proven, practical, hands-on tips to being successfully self-employed.

Robert’s programs are highly acclaimed by entrepreneurs, independent professionals and business leaders – in fact, any business person who needs to consistently perform at a higher level with more creativity, initiative and productivity, no matter their field or responsibility.


Robert’s Speaking Topics

Robert primarily gives presentations about being stuck and getting unstuck. "Stuckness" is when you hold yourself back, resist doing the things you want to do, play a smaller game than you’re capable of playing, and are even being paralyzed by fear, indecision and avoidance.

Stuckness may be a common condition, but it’s not our natural condition. We don’t have to live with stuckness, fears and limitations. We can go beyond them and discover a whole new way of being, living and working.


These four presentations for various audiences are all focused on Getting Beyond Stuckness.

1. Beyond Stuckness and into Action

Everyone gets stuck, but few realize how drastically stuckness affects their lives, careers and business. Stuckness can squash creativity, prevent us from taking risks and stop us from living a life of accomplishment and fulfillment. 

When we learn how to get beyond our stuckness we discover a whole new world of possibility, adventure and success. Imagine what things would be like if you set your mind to something and put it into action without struggle or effort. What would you create; what would be possible?

In this presentation, Robert reveals his three steps to getting unstuck and into action. Audiences learn:

• How surface beliefs dramatically limit your possibilities

• How core beliefs create almost unbreakable patterns

• The questions that weaken the hold of limiting beliefs

• How to dissolve invisible fears and resistance

• Discover a life beyond your limitations

• How to inventing possibilities beyond belief

This presentation is for you if: you feel there is a lot of untapped potential in both you and/or your organization and you are ready to have big breakthroughs in your lives and work.

This presentation is available as: A keynote talk (60 mins), a breakout session (90 mins), a half-day workshop (3 hrs) or a full-day workshop (6 hrs.)


2. Get Your Marketing and Selling Unstuck and Into Action

A large number of business owners are stuck in their marketing and selling. They often know what to do but they just don’t do it. The fear of, or resistance to, marketing and selling can result in a business with no growth and limited future possibilities.

When your marketing and selling is unstuck, you don’t hesitate, you act. You start putting yourself out there, developing powerful messages, materials and strategies. Imagine what things would be like if you no longer resisted and avoided marketing and just went into action without fear or struggle.

In this presentation, Robert reveals his three steps to getting your marketing and selling unstuck and into action. Participants learn:

• The most common limiting marketing and selling beliefs

• What fears lie underneath those beliefs

• How to question those beliefs and undermine their power

• How to replace limiting beliefs with expansive ones

• How to get beyond perfectionism and fear of rejection

• How dynamic and persuasive you can actually be

This presentation is for you if: you are a business owner who is struggling with your marketing and/or selling and want to get past your resistance and fears and into action.

This presentation is available as: A keynote talk (60 mins), a breakout session (90 mins), a half-day workshop (3 hrs) or a full-day workshop (6 hrs.)


3. Get Your Creativity Unstuck and Into Action

Creativity in business is extraordinarily important, especially for business leaders and owners. Many people just don’t think they’re creative. They don’t trust that they can come up with great ideas that will make a difference. This aversion to creativity can severely limit your possibilities in life and business.

What if you discovered that you were naturally creative? If you understood that creativity is not an attribute you add to yourself but were born with, what might be possible for you? Imagine what you'd take on if you could easily unleash your creativity.

In this presentation, Robert reveals his three steps to getting your creativity unstuck and into action. Attendees will:

• Understand what’s stopping their creativity

• Discover the barriers to creative expression

• Learn to step outside of creative limitations

• Harness their creativity with leaps in productivity

• Make creativity part of every single day

• Leverage creativity for breakthrough results

This presentation is for you if: you need to be exercising more creativity in your business or job and want to take things to the next level of innovation and productivity.

This presentation is available as: A keynote talk (60 mins), a breakout session (90 mins), a half-day workshop (3 hrs) or a full-day workshop (6 hrs.)


4. Get Your Leadership Unstuck and Into Action

Leaders have the most challenging jobs in the world. They too get stuck in fixed beliefs and limitations that prevent them from creating breakthrough results. This stuckness can make them retreat to old leadership formulas that only bog things down and create resistance.

When leaders get beyond their stuckness, they discover new possibilities for innovation and productivity. Imagine leadership that was not constrained by simply “doing things right” and instead focused on creating a future that was inspiring and exciting.

In this presentation, Robert reveals his three steps to getting leadership unstuck and into action. Leaders will:

• Learn the most common limiting leadership beliefs

• Discover the fears underneath those beliefs

• Understand how to question those beliefs and undermine their power

• Be able to replace limiting beliefs with expansive ones

• Get beyond perfectionism and fear of failure

• Discover how inspiring they can actually be

This presentation is for you if: you’re a leader who needs more innovation and productivity in your organization and wants to get beyond old formulas and beliefs that are holding you back from breakthroughs.

This presentation is available as: A keynote talk (60 mins), a breakout session (90 mins), a half-day workshop (3 hrs) or a full-day workshop (6 hrs.)


Book – The Unstuck Process

The Unstuck Process is a simple but powerful book that guides readers through the three steps of getting unstuck and into action.

Step #1 – Understanding what’s causing your stuckness: subconscious core beliefs that trigger your thoughts feelings and actions.

Step #2 – Undermining these core beliefs by: questioning their validity, understanding their cost and payoff and discovering alternate, more empowering beliefs.

Step #3 – Exploring new possibilities beyond your limiting, fearful beliefs, and what might be possible if you no longer attached to those beliefs.

The Unstuck Process works for anyone who is not living up to their full potential and holding themselves back from playing a bigger, more expansive game, both professionally and personally.

The Unstuck Process book is available for group sales at a discount or available to participants for $10 each after Robert’s presentation.  


Why Meeting Planners Love to Book Robert Middleton for Their Events

2. His presentations are entertaining, fun and engaging while making the attendees think.

3. For more than a decade, Robert has been teaching his clients and program participants the same life-changing content he covers in his presentations.

4. The success of his programs are evidenced by the consistently positive feedback received from audience members and clients on a regular basis. 

5. His presentations give actual hands-on tools the attendees can take back to their lives and work and use immediately.

6. Attendees will leave with important insights that will spillover into their daily lives and work.

7. His work and three-step process can be applied to the most intractable problems in any company

8. Leaders and executives can apply this methodology in preparation for any change or strategy initiative.

9. Your attendees will leave inspired and thinking about how they can apply what they learn as soon as possible.

Robert understands that the success of your events depends on the quality of the presentations and the professionalism of your presenters. You can count on him to deliver what he promises.

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Some Comments from Past Participants of Robert’s Unstuck Programs

“What I liked about the Beyond Stuckness course with Robert Middleton was its simple iterative structure, which gave me lots of ways to learn, experiment, improve, and try again. And I got great results!  I had breakthroughs in both business and personal areas of my life.  I am now looking forward to continuing to apply the concepts and techniques to deepen and extend my understanding of how my limiting beliefs are not me, but can hold me back.”- S.S.


“I care a lot about my business and my success, I'm smart and super motivated and still I was stuck. I couldn't change what I couldn't see. Robert's Getting Unstuck program lifted the veil on the "mystery" that was causing me to waste time, work on the wrong things, not follow up on calls and on and on. Now when I am stuck it takes me less than 5 minutes to identify the sneaky culprit, get unstuck and into productive action. I highly recommend this program!”– A.C.


“I wish I had this course a year ago! What could 2014 have been like then?! I picked up the tools, insights and practice that make those nagging avoidances manageable. I’m getting more stuff done… and on time!”- E.K.


“Thank you sooooooooo much for developing this program.I earned breakthroughs I've wanted but didn't quite know how to create. And it didn't even hurt. It's a little like speed therapy without tears.”- S.K.


“I've gone from having "reasons why" I don't get stuff done to realizing there are underlying limiting beliefs for my lack of action. I am now much more aware now of the costs of spending too much time on too many decisions. The cumulative time wasted by over-thinking things is staggering. Having a structured 12-step Unstuck Process worksheet to work through when issues develop is sweet!”– B.A.


The Beyond Stuckness Program made a significant impact on me – professionally and personally. In exploring and questioning the core beliefs behind why I was procrastinating, I realized that none of these beliefs were valid.  I had just become lazy.  I chose to just do things which were easy or that I liked to do or that had little immediate consequence.”– G.B. 


Robert’s course, Beyond Stuckness, was a real eye- opening and freeing experience. I started the class because I was stuck in marketing my private practice. I ended up not only writing a marketing letter but making great strides in my personal life where I also was stuck.”


“The Beyond Stuckness course has created such a shift in my approach to tasks and more particularly larger projects that up until the course I felt overwhelmed and depressed by. What was most helpful to me in even realizing that I had a stuck belief was noticing my avoidance behaviors and feelings. I am now less analytical, less linear and perfectionistic in my approach. I make better reality checks, am better able to just take action, any action that moves me in the direction I really desire.”  - C.B.


Where Robert Has Spoken

Chambers of Commerce

Over a dozen Chambers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Professional Organizations

AMA - American Marketing Association

ASID - American Society of Interior Design

ASTD - American Society for Training and Development

BYY - Best Year Yet


CSCPA - California Society of CPAs

ERA - Electronic Representatives Association

IABC - International Association of Business Communicators

IAPPC - Institute of Professional and Personal Coaches

ICCA - Independent Computer Consultants Association

ICF - International Coaches Federation

IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers

IMC - Institute of Management Consultants

JCC - Jewish Community Centers in San Francisco and Marin

MCA - Minnesota Coaches Association

NAFE - National Association of Female Executives

NAPO - National Organization of Professional Organizers

NARI - National Association of the Remodeling Industry

NAWBO - National Association of Women Business Owners

NCHRA - Northern California Human Resource Alliance

NSA - National Speaker's Association

PATCA - Professional and Technical Consultants Association

PEMA - Professional Environmental Marketing Association

SHRM - Society of Human Resource Professionals

Speaker Net News

STC - Society for Technical Communications

The Software Forum - Silicon Valley

WIC - Women Independent Consultants

WINGS - Women in Graphics

Alumni Associations

Harvard Business Forum

University of Michigan Business Forum

Educational Organizations

Alumnae Resources

College of Marin

Commonwealth Club of California

Foothill and De Anza Colleges

San Francisco Learning Annex

SCORE - Service Corps of Retired Executives

College Graduate Programs

College of Notre Dame

UC Berkeley International Business Program

USF's McLaren School of Business


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