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Each Next Level Course is a recorded, three-session Teleconference Program designed to help you master the most important marketing strategies for Independent Professionals.

In every course, you'll learn time-tested systems that work. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, hold on because I'm going to take you there.    

Below are course descriptions of all the Next Level Marketing Courses. To order a program, click the order link at the bottom of the course description and you'll be taken to a web page on this site with all the course material. Each course includes three 90-minute sessions and is priced at $49.



Course I - A System for Getting More Done in Less Time

A powerful system for managing multiple projects and priorities

We all want to get more done. But why doesn't it happen?

We all seem to have more to do than ever before. But we're drowning in information that we never apply. As a result, not enough of our important priorities get done.

But why is this the case? It seems harder to get things done than ever before. Here are some of the reasons:

• Information overload and distractions. More websites, more social media, more email 

• We fail to prioritize what information is important, so we act on it less and less

• We get caught in "activity traps" instead of working on high-priority projects

• We don't know how to capture and organize the most important information

• We don't have a planning system that keeps everything in perspective 

So what's the solution?

Like every course in the Next Level Courses, we offer a time-tested-system that is proven to work. You need something simple to create order and focus for the never-ending stream of information, distractions, and competing priorities.

The key is a way to capture the most important ideas and priorities that will move your business forward. It's not about getting a lot of things done, it's about getting the right things done.

Wouldn't it be great if you could... 

 Stay on top of everything in just 15 minutes a week

 Capture good ideas and not forget them

 Clear all your paper clutter in minutes

 Stay on track with multiple projects

 Limit your action items and actually get more done

In this course, you'll learn a simple but powerful step-by-step system to keep track of all your priorities, from good ideas that you might work on someday, to the most important actions that you need to do right now.

This is a foundational course that's essential to anyone who wants to build their business with less struggle and effort. It gives you the tools to sort out those long, unwieldy lists and post-it notes into time-based lists where nothing slips through the cracks.

"I've been working with the systems in this course for more than 20 years. I keep refining them to make them simpler and more effective. No matter what idea, project or action item you generate, there's a place to put it and access it easily. It's the system that keeps me both sane and productive. With this system, I get both the simplest and most complex projects done." - Robert M. 

Once this system is in place, you'll experience more clarity, you'll be less overwhelmed and you'll have the ability to get more done in less time. This is the system I teach to all of my clients when I start working with them. It helps them keep track of everything they have to do, and as a result, they get more done than ever before. 

The topics we'll cover in each of the sessions:

Pre-work  You'll set up your priority and project management system with the forms I'll provide for you. This will be your core tool for getting more done, not letting things fall between the cracks, and reducing your overwhelm.  

Session 1 – The Essence of Time and Project Management - Sorting your Priorities. We'll actually look at the items on your lists and discuss what works and doesn't work to put your priorities first and get more of the important stuff done. 

Session 2 – Managing Your Week and Your Day to Stay Productive Every Day. It's not just a matter of lists but how to manage these lists that will help you get more done. We'll go through several scenarios for managing your week and your day. 

Session 3 – The Essentials of Project Management. When you're doing a larger project such as upgrading your website, creating a new course etc. you need to stay on track and not lose momentum in implementing it. Ultimately projects break down to several action steps that must be coordinated and allocated to certain times to get implemented.

Order this course if you're ready to get out of overwhelm and into action. If you're tired of clutter, missed opportunities, projects that get neglected and good ideas that fall between the cracks, this is the right time to take this course.

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Format: Recorded teleconference. Plus detailed outlines for each session, samples and more.

Fee: $49 for this three-session course - Click here to order the course



Course II - Get More Attention With a Magnetic Marketing Message

The key to getting interest and response from all your marketing activities

What do you say when someone asks you what to do? Do you have a message that is both clear and interesting that gets a prospective client to respond to you? Or is your message unclear and confusing and doesn't get the response you want?

You need to get your Marketing Message unstuck so you can put it into action in almost every marketing situation. Marketing is 100% communication – about the value of your services. And if your marketing message doesn't stand out, you completely undermine that communication. 

A magnetic marketing message may be the most important element of your marketing. It clearly positions your business and services in a way that demands attention and response. Prospects will get what you do and want to learn how you can help them. 

An effective message includes the following six elements:

 Who your ideal clients are
 What issue or challenge your prospects have
 The ultimate outcome you deliver to your clients
 A story or example of a successful client
 An "audio logo" that gets immediate attention
 A tagline that can be used everywhere in your marketing

In this course, you'll learn how to integrate your marketing message as an overall "marketing theme" that can be used everywhere – from your verbal message to your home page, throughout your entire website, and in articles, presentations and social media.

"I got serious about my Marketing Message very soon after getting into business in 1984. I understood that it was the words I spoke and wrote down that either communicated to prospects or confused them. I discovered the simplest and most effective way to get attention and then into a conversation that actually went somewhere. And I learned how to test my message for the most impact." Robert M.

Once you have this magnetic marketing message in place, all the rest of your marketing will fall into place.

This course will help you...

 Get more attention and interest every time you use your message

 Makes your business top-of-mind when people need your kind of service

 Help you write marketing materials that get both attention and response

 Build a brand that is memorable and that make you stand out in a crowd of look-alikes

The topics we'll cover in each of the sessions:

Pre-work  You'll write down the best marketing message you now have with the form provided. Then, during the course, you'll work to improve that message so that it has more impact and generates more attention and interest.   

Session 1  – What Makes a Marketing Message Magnetic? This seems so simple, but most people struggle to develop a message that stands out in any way. We'll explore why one marketing message attracts attention and why another doesn't. You'll discover the keys to making a message interesting, memorable and magnetic. We'll discuss audio logos, tag lines and your unique differentiator and I'll give feedback on some samples from participants.   

Session 2  – Turning Your Marketing Message into a Theme. A marketing message isn't just what you say when someone asks what you do. Your marketing message needs to powerfully permeate all your marketing, from your Audio Logo to... your business card, your website, articles, social media, talks, teleclasses, webinars, proposals and more. You'll learn how to integrate your marketing message anytime you put yourself out there in your business. 

Session 3 – Laser Coaching on Your Marketing Messages. Now that you've improved your marketing message and have identified many ways you can use it in your business, I'll work with participants, one-on-one and give them specific feedback on their marketing message. The more of this direct feedback you hear, the clearer you'll get on your own marketing message. 

Attend this course if you're ready to nail down your marketing message once and for all. If you're tired of communicating a vague message, and not getting the attention and response you're looking for, this course is for you. 

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Format: Recorded teleconference. Plus detailed outlines for each sessions, samples and more.

Fee: $49 for this three-session course - Click here to order the course


Course III - Increase Credibility and Attract More Clients with A Powerful Core Issue Article

Developing one of the most important tools for marketing success

Once you get attention from potential clients, the next thing they want is more information about how you can help them. And one of the easiest ways to do this is to provide what I call a "Core Issue Article or Report" that gives your prospects reasons to do business with you. 

The tricky part is what to include in this article and what not to include. A Core Issue Article should give a concise overview of your business model – in  other words, what you do for your clients that gets results.

An article like this will include the following elements:

 An attention-getting headline
 An opening paragraph or two that creates the context of the article
 A number of in-depth points based on your model
 A wrap up and conclusion
 Your biographical information and a photo of you

This article proves you are an expert in your area and can meet the needs and challenges of your prospects. There are many possible formats for this kind of article or report. You'll look at several examples and then write your own article or report during the course.

"I started to write articles not long after I bought my first computer - a Mac Plus in 1986. Those articles turned into a newsletter, and then in 1997 they became the essential component of my weekly More Clients eZine. Writing articles transformed my business, helped me clarify my ideas and turned those ideas into programs and material for coaching clients." Robert M. 

With a Core-Issue Article or Report you'll be able to...

 Provide immediate information to prospects who want to know more

 Establish your credibility and expertise

 Offer your report as a download on your website to build your list

 Collect more business cards anytime you give a presentation

The topics we'll cover in each of the sessions:

Pre-work  You'll start generating ideas for articles or reports to write. You'll get instructions on how to come up with more ideas than you could ever use for articles, reports, blogs, etc.  Plus I'll help you come up with the best Core Issue Article for your business. 

Session 1  – Writing the Perfect Core Issue Article.  Many people struggle with writing an article, any article, let alone an article that sums up the essence of your buisness and how you help your clients. I'll show you the components of a successful article than anyone can write. And I'll give you a number of good samples. Then you'll write a first draft between the first and second sessions.   

Session 2 – Strategies for writing articles easier and faster. You may be able to write an article in 6 hours, but if it takes that long you'll never get around to it. In this session, I'll demonstrate a number of ways you can write articles quickly and easily in 2 hours or less. I've written an article almost every week for 17 years and will share my best tips with you. Before the third session, I'll ask you to send me your articles. 

Session 3 – Actual Feedback on Articles. I'll choose some of the best articles that are submitted, send them to everyone and then do live feedback on these articles so that you can clearly understand what works and what doesn't work for an article. You'll leave the course with much more clarity about how to write articles that get read and that get you business. 

Attend this course if you're ready to learn how to write high-quality articles for your business with ease. If you keep struggling with writing, you'll gain some of the most important tips for making it easier and faster. 

If you are a member of the More Clients Club, this course is free (no kidding). As a Club member you also get free access to all the other materials, recordings, interviews, and programs in the Club (valued at $6,000). Club membership gives you access to all of this for $29 per month.

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Format: Recorded teleconference. Plus detailed outlines for each session, samples and more. 

Fee: $49 for this three-session course - Click here to order the course