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By Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

Today I was going to write my third installment of the 7 Laws of Attracting Clients.


Over the past five weeks, more disasters have happened in the U.S. than in living memory. And I’m feeling a little shell-shocked.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria have affected the lives of millions of people. Many of those people’s lives will never be the same again.

The earthquake in Mexico City killed 360 people. 

And last night, a lone shooter in Las Vegas murdered almost 60 people in a senseless attack on attendees of a country music festival.

There is nothing I, you or anybody else could have done to prevent any of these tragedies.  

I don’t live in hurricane country, but an earthquake could strike Northern California at any time. I tend not to hang around large crowds, but I’m not immune to something as random as being struck by a drunk driver.

These thoughts can trigger fear and depression. The fact that nobody is truly safe is not paranoia, but reality.

Of course, we try to put these thoughts out of our minds and hope for the best.

Life is fleeting.

Life is precious.

Life is uncertain.  

Yes, we can try to live as safely as we can, but we ultimately have no control. I remember a story of a woman who was killed by a falling redwood tree that she had planted in her yard years earlier!

All of this reminds me that all we have is this moment.

Live life in the now and enjoy it for what it is.

Express gratitude and count your blessings.

Love those in your lives and be more generous and less petty.

Do the best work you possibly can and make a difference.

Serve the greater good for as many people as possible.

I wish you success, love, and joy in this crazy, random world.

Cheers, Robert

P.S. You might consider donating for hurricane relief

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