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By Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing 

I sent an email this past Thursday mentioning that I’m doing a co-promotion for Alan Weiss’s “Business Development Program.”

I’ll be sending you details on the program later this week, but in today’s More Clients I want to talk about one of Alan’s most important concepts as it touches on everything in your business and marketing.

That concept is VALUE. The better you understand this concept, the more successful you’ll be in your business.

When you’re communicating about your services or programs to clients they are thinking one thing: “What is the value for me? What do I get that will benefit me, make a difference, make things easier or less difficult?”

That’s where a client’s primary focus is. There may be secondary factors that enable you to deliver that value, but the interest in those things is lower than most of you realize.

Clients are not very interested in:

Your education and degrees

How many years you’ve been in business

The process you use to obtain your results

Your personal philosophy and convictions

But, as strange as it may seem, those are the things most professional service providers talk and write about! 

No wonder marketing feels like a struggle! Nobody cares and nobody is listening.

Clients want answers to these simple questions:

1. Who do you work with (that is, do you understand me and can you help me)?

2. Do you help with X issues, problems and challenges (that is have you worked successfully with others in these areas)?

3. What do I actually get if I work with you (that is, what results, outcomes and changes will I see if I work with you)?

4. Do you have proof that you can help me (that is, do you have success stories and client testimonials)?

When you talk about these things, clients will listen and respond.

Where this all starts is with LANGUAGE.

I’ve heard Alan say the following many times:

Language controls the discussion

The discussion controls the relationship and

The relationship controls the business.

Without clarity in your communication (the language of results and outcomes) the relationship goes nowhere and business doesn’t happen. 

This core idea of expressing value though language is at the heart of everything Alan teaches. But the reason Alan’s work is so powerful is that he models that language in every possible marketing and business situation you can imagine.

On Thursday, I’ll give you a short video of me interviewing Alan with a few samples. But imagine that you knew the actual words to say in the following situations:

Communicating your brand

Business networking events

Getting appointments with prospects

The selling interview

Going for the close

Writing effective proposals

Asking for referrals

Alan has his own unique approach to all of these conversations, but they all come down to infusing these conversations with value, that is, keep coming back to “What’s in it for them?”

Stay posted for my email on Thursday with the video interview of Alan.

Cheers, Robert

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