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By Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

In my new Marketing Action Group, I’ve been wracking my brain about how to find new and better ideas to share with the group.

Yesterday I wrote a long article for the group about How to Turn Results into Ideas, but that wasn’t exactly what I wanted to write here.

I wanted to get at the essence of what it took to generate ideas and then make those ideas real.

But just before I started to write, I got my daily Medium Digest by email.

And the first article was by Mike Sturm, one of my favorite Medium authors.

And Mike wrote the article I wanted to write!

He nailed it. I can’t do it better this week, so, I’m sending you the link to his article on Medium.

It’s thoughtful, insightful and valuable. I love it and I hope you will to.

Link here to read.

Cheers, Robert 

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