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By Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

When I was a kid, I loved to read Superman comics. For several years I was up-to-date on everything related to this comic book hero. And I liked to imagine that I was infused with super powers. 

Of course, that dream quickly faded over time as reality set in. I was clearly just an ordinary person. 

But later in life, when I started my own business I discovered it was actuality possible to develop superpowers – Marketing Superpowers. 

With these superpowers I was able to accomplish the following:

Consistently got the attention of complete strangers

Met with many prospects with only a letter and a phone call

Got business cards from 80% of those who attended talks I gave

Grew a worldwide email list of 50,000 self-employed people

Wrote close to 1,000 articles over a 20-year period

Sold $600K worth of InfoGuru Manuals through my website

Filled one-year programs with just three or four emails

Earned $20K to $35K monthly several years straight

Now maintain a over-full marketing coaching practice

These marketing superpowers led to a lot of success in my business. It was amazing to me because only a few years earlier I had been struggling to make ends meet. 

There are a few things you should know about marketing superpowers. 

First of all, anyone can develop certain superpowers and use them to grow their business – but few can develop all superpowers. 

You'll have more success in developing superpowers where you already have some powers that are not yet fully developed. 

The main impediment to developing marketing superpowers is the belief that you are not capable or worthy of doing so. 

All marketing superpowers are based on communication. 

These include the superpowers of writing, networking, speaking to groups, growing a list, developing services and programs, etc. 

In the early days of my business, I spent most of my energy developing the superpowers of writing and speaking to groups. But I always struggled with networking and it took me a long time to develop packaging, selling and pricing superpowers. 

Remember, superpowers are not magic or mystical or unusual. They are simply underdeveloped in most people. 

How do you develop marketing superpowers? 

Study, practice, experiment, repeat, fail (a little), fine-tune and apply large doses of patience. 

Books, videos, courses, articles, and working with a coach are all included in the learning habits of most independent professionals who want to accelerate their marketing superpowers.

One thing is for sure – superpowers don't come accidentally. They come from knowledge, intention and hard work.   

Is there one "master" marketing superpower? 

That is, is there one key superpower that will help you build other marketing superpowers? For instance, Superman's key superpower is his strength; everything else comes out of that. 

For marketers, the key superpower is WRITING.

If you develop this superpower, you'll be able to write emails, articles, web content, sales letters, presentations, services and courses that result in more clients buying your services.

And that is a LOT of marketing power.  

In working with some clients I've noticed they can already write fairly coherently. They can communicate clearly and their voice is already authentic. All they need is some structure and guidelines to turn their existing writing ability into a client-attracting superpower. 

Some people struggle with writing. 

It can be an effort to write a single sentence, let alone a coherent paragraph. Often I'll suggest to these clients that they put more attention on networking and connecting personally through talks and videos. 

The good news is that everyone can discover and develop their own marketing superpowers. 

It starts with intention. I remember declaring that I wanted to be the go-to person in the SF Bay Area for self-employed people who needed help with attracting more clients. Five years later that was true. 

It continues with education. I'm a do-it-yourself kind of person. I read a whole lot of books and took a number of courses on marketing. I was always learning. In a few years I had enough knowledge, insight and success to write my own marketing book.

It ends with application. Every time I studied something that looked feasible, I gave it a try, from developing my marketing message to launching high-end group programs. Ultimately I ended up working with a full load of clients. 

Here's my question for you. In what areas are you already a strong communicator? And what marketing superpower would you like to develop to build on that existing strength?

I would like to hear from you. 

Please share your thoughts in the comments section on the blog. Describe your strengths and desired superpowers. Put your intention out there. You can think about this forever and never move into action or you can take a stand and commit to being a marketing superhero. 

Cheers, Robert 

P.S. I work individually with a wide variety of independent professionals to help them grow their own marketing superpower. If you'd like to know more, just visit this page


-1 # WendyHT 2017-02-28 14:26
Robert, I love the clarity you bring to each article you write. Many, many thanks. My strengths? (1) My voice (one of my careers was as a solo soprano) talks, live / video demonstrations, and in sessions. (2) Writing a weekly blog post for a programme I was in for 5 months, I developed a following of approximately 400 participants. (3) Articles I've written have been well received by my colleagues in my field of integrating primitive and postural reflexes, in particular the Fear/Paralysis Reflex. So, my intention is to add a blog to my website; add a monthly online video and a live demonstration locally; plus, write and submit articles to appropriate sites. These articles and blogs will become a book within the next year.
Yours in Gratitude, wendyht
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+1 # Kev 2017-03-03 02:21
Great article Robert! I particularly like where you say if your clients are not confident at writing, you suggest networking or connecting personally through talks and videos - play to your strengths rather than get hung up with what you struggle with. As for my superpower, I've only just realised it's reading. I read all sorts of blogs on a daily basis, although there are only a few, such as yours, that I follow regularly.
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0 # Bill Burns 2017-03-07 21:26
Creating presentations is my super power. Building a following is my kryptonite -- for now. But that's why I'm here . . .
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