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By Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

Last week, in More Clients, I posted a picture of Kellyanne Conway with the words: "Confused by Alternative Facts?"

The post was not overtly political but it certainly was a dig at the Trump administration and to spokes-deceiver Kellyanne. 

Oops, I did it again. 

I did get a few emails from a few disgruntled subscribers who were very annoyed with me and unsubscribed. A couple gave me a good scolding for being inappropriate with my headline topic. 

Recently, Paul Zelizer, founder of Wisdompreneurs, started an online conversation about the hypocrisy of conducting business as usual when the current political situation was so extreme. And that started me thinking.

I admit that I'm one of the people who sees very little redeeming value in the Trump administration. I don't think what he's doing is good for the country and, to put it mildly, I feel the way he's going about things is a complete farce. 

I'm not going to attack him personally, call him names or spew hate here. But I most definitely oppose him and his policies. 

But this brings up the question, it there any value at all of even bringing this up (even subtly) in a weekly email newsletter dedicated to marketing for independent professionals?

Would it be better if I just shut up and kept it to myself?

I mean, what good does it do? What harm does it do?

Will it just alienate those who feel differently than I do?

You might have noticed since the 2016 election started with the primaries, it seems that 90% of the news coverage has been about Trump. Yesterday I found a place online that published more than 400 magazine covers featuring Trump (and mostly negatively).

So it's pretty obvious that he is on most of our minds. And he's an ongoing topic of conversation almost everywhere you go. 

When I meet with my clients, Trump and the latest thing he did comes up in almost every meeting. Feelings of outrage are combined with resignation and often a little humor. 

And my guess is that this is true whether you hate Trump or love him. It's kind of a bonding experience, right? We connect over the things we have in common. 

Should I hide my disdain for Trump? 

Or should I just put it out there? 

If I happen to meet someone who sees the world as Trump does, I admit it's hard for me to understand their position.

Yet, in a rational discussion we can often come to some agreement. I happen to think his ideas for improving infrastructure make a lot of sense – but not so much the Wall or going all in on fossil fuels.

When you know more about opposing positions, you'll often see something differently and the tone will be less strident. I believe we can have rational arguments about these issues. 

Believe it or not, I'd like to see Trump succeed, to accomplish great things and bring America together. I am doubtful that will happen, but it's better than thinking hateful, angry thoughts all day long!

So, what do you think? 

Do you think an article like this that states my position to be misguided and a waste of time?

Or is it a good thing that creates a stronger connection between us?

Will I make digs at Trump once in awhile in this space? I probably will. However, I'll do my best to make it support my ideas about how to attract more clients. 

I welcome your feedback. However, I'd appreciate if you'd post it in the comments section of the blog below. I'm willing to be public about this and I hope you will as well. 

Cheers, Robert

P.S. If you'd like to listen to an interview that discusses the Trump presidency more articulately than I ever could, listen in to Sam Harris interviwing David Frum

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0 # Kim Schlossberg 2017-02-20 21:25
I think as business owners we have to walk a very fine line. I appreciate your honesty and openness. My first thought was "I knew I really liked Robert." Any wisdom you can offer to help us through these next four years is very welcome!
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+1 # Rashid 2017-02-20 22:48
Like Trump or hate him there are some incredibily valuable marketing lessons we can learn. How he's got his message out there. If all marketing is communication - boy he does it well. Talk about getting into the conversation already going on in your prospect's (read potential voter) head.

So personally I think it's fine to talk about him. As one multi-millionaire mentor of mine is fond of saying, "If you don't upset at least one person a day you're not doing enough marketing" LOL
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0 # Morris Stacey 2017-02-21 07:11
It's almost impossible not to comment on the Administration, but I know I get annoyed when a newsletter writer writes about Trump positively. It's rare, but it happens. But venting is important and feels necessary these days. The solution might be another outlet, like doing politics on twitter and keeping Trump out of the ezine.
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+1 # Nancy 2017-02-21 07:14
He is an abomination to your country. Go ahead and spread your disdain. Everyone should know.

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+3 # Ellen Volpe 2017-02-21 07:15
If we stop talking to each other we are finished. The issue now is that we are for him... or against him. I, for one, am sickened by him and his mental illness. I am so surprised that others are not frightened by his communication style and his serious lack of knowledge to do the job he has been elected to do. We must talk about these issues. This is NOT about politics. It is about our Democracy. So many questions. So few answers. Keep talking. Keep dialoging. We must all open our eyes for Futures sake.
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0 # Hal 2017-02-21 07:18
Hi Robert,
I think that, since it affects us all, discussing politics in any venue is a good thing. I think, however, that it is unfortunate that this discussion was considered unacceptable during the previous two terms. Anyone who was not in agreement with the previous president was typically immediately labeled as a racist or a hateful person.

This great country of ours was founded on the belief that we will not all agree all the time (or most of the time). Unfortunately again, the media had not been as critical during the last two terms as it has been since Trump took office.

I value your marketing wisdom and, while I may not agree with you on the current state of our country, I welcome your opinion and discussion on this topic.
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-1 # Irene 2017-02-21 07:32
I am offended by your negativity towards Trump. Since you are advising on how to attract and keep clients, you should know NEVER discuss politics. You wouldn't expect to convert someone's religion, why do you think you can convert their political views? Just as entertainment stars can lose fans by expressing their political views, so can we professionals who want clients to respect our abilities and not be distracted by our political views. Surely you know this??
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+1 # Stephen H. Lahey 2017-02-21 07:44
I respect the fact that you're taking a stand.
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0 # Nancy 2017-02-21 07:47
Thanks Robert for your honesty and courage. Like you, I disagree with much of what Trump says. However, continually carping and criticising is not going to make him change. If we try and do positive things rather than whinge, we will have more impact. Maybe we should focus on helping those hurt by his policies, supporting those standing up for what is right, trying to understand the fears behind the anger...rather than sinking to rude remarks about Trump's hair or IQ.
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+2 # Terri Stephens 2017-02-21 07:58
I feel very strongly that you should keep your political opinions to yourself. You have a right to your opinions, as does everyone else, but that's not why I subscribe to your newsletter. It's just about ruined Facebook, for that very reason. And who wants to hear celebrities spout off at awards events - no matter what side of the fence they're on. Of course, it's mostly very liberal. Please don't jump on the bandwagon and be like everyone else. Enough is enough! Debate it with your friends over dinner if you like, but not here.
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-3 # Mary Gunn 2017-02-21 08:04
Is this a business blog? Yes, so the answer to your question is 'NO', you should not discuss politics in it.

I am not interested in your opinions about politics, and given that I pay for a membership, I don’t think I should have to listen to your opinions and biases about politics in this setting. This venue is about marketing, not politics. Will you please stop it? And, it’s not funny to do the same thing twice and say “Oops, I did it again.”

Your marketing advice is so good. Please don’t taint your products by using a business venue to promote your personal opinions about politics.
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+1 # Mary Franklin 2017-02-21 08:05
I am surprised that you have chosen after all these years to involve yourself in any commentary of a political nature Robert. I personally couldn't stand Obama or the things he stood for. That was none of your business. Frankly I saw you as a purveyor of valuable marketing information not a political commentator. Frankly I am not interested in your political persuasion as I expect you are not interested in mine. Why don't you just keep it to yourself.

Very disappointing.

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+1 # Suzie Price 2017-02-21 08:05
Hi Robert - I've followed you for many years. All I could think when I read your email was, "why?" Why cover this in this way? Why create distance with fans who have a diff. view point?

Your bias is evident. You are not open to other's take on this - as you share in your own words. (Yet - you want tothers to have YOUR view.)

So what's the value of this email to us, your fans? What are we to take away from this that will serve our life and businesses? I do not see the value to the reader here.

I have my own political views that are LONG-held, and I have clients who have their political views (that are also long in the making) and it's not my job to change them - as that is not what they come to me for.

IMO - the same for you.

Love and appreciate your work - do not love and appreciate this email. All the Best, Suzie Price
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+1 # T J OBrien 2017-02-21 08:06

I would stay away from this topic. I think it is good to poke fun at Trump, but your subject is marketing not politics.

I understand how you feel, and time will tell how effective he will be as President. The country will survive, and we have been through many tougher times in different era.

Stick to what you do best - marketing.
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+1 # Annette 2017-02-21 08:07
Dear Robert,
Thank you for the link to this extremely interesting interview with Mr. Frum. I think you manage to strike an excellent balance between having an opinion, and being neither cowardly nor missionary about it. And yes, I think your opinion has a place in your communication... because communication has an ethical side, which is precisely what is so violated by the "gentlemen" you were mentioning. Thanks!
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0 # Jeffrey 2017-02-21 08:12
There is a reason that papers and magazines that never endorsed a Democrat or, in some cases, never endorsed anyone, choose to raise their voices against the current president. So I understand the impulse to use your platform to stand up for the ideas and values that are being undermined.

But you in this context you could limit it to issues from the White House that affect the topics you cover--free press, free speech, keeping our shared humanity and basic values in marketing plans.

You like the idea of repairing infrastructure, as Democrats have been wanting for years at near zero interest rates, but I don't think the proposed approach that privatizes those improvements is a beneficial approach. It is a public investment.

You might read (or listen to) Naomi Klein's 2007 book, "The Shock Doctrine." Your outrage may spread beyond the White House.
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+1 # Maggie Dennison 2017-02-21 08:18

I'm sick hearing about Trump. The media is full enough with stuff about Trump. There's no need to add to the noise. I bet he's reveling in it since he loves attention and publicity.

And, in my opinion, his behavior is (deliberately or not) a smoke screen that's distracting everyone from what's really going on behind the scenes.

These days I'm grateful for everything that shows up in my inbox or FB feed that reminds me we have lives to lead and businesses to run.

Not that you can't be an activist if you want to. But I don't want any more Trump in my business-related communications unless it's directly related to your business.
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0 # Donna 2017-02-21 08:19
Hi Robert,
I would rather you use your platform to invite people to live and work from their highest values. If you can use the current administration and the happenings surrounding it then yes go for it. I don't think discussing what is happening in this country is just politics anymore. So I don't have a problem with it unless you are ranting. Ranting is available on many fronts. I am interested in cogent analysis and ideas for positive moves forward. And I do want to know where you stand. Use the marketing lessons we can learn from this. Good or bad. How do we use positive marketing against a marketing machine that lies? That would be interesting. Good luck.
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+1 # Wendi 2017-02-21 08:45
Hi Robert,
I admire your work and your marketing savvy. However, this article did not help me with my marketing, and that is why I read your articles. I guess when your headline mentions Trump, I won't read it. Thanks!
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+1 # Rose Marshall 2017-02-21 08:58
I sincerely thank you for bringing this topic to the front. And, while I would enthusiasticall y engage in a political discussion, I believe that it should be in a seperate venue from the marketing materials. Your marketing advice is great. And, if we find our consumer or business markets changing (due to the Administrations actions), then we should look at them as changes in our business model.
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0 # Linda Davidson 2017-02-21 09:20
I think you can mention him, even with digs, because he is unfit to be president, because we can possibly learn something from his dysfunction about your topic, marketing.
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0 # Carol Meredith CLC 2017-02-21 09:27
I come to your website to be inspired.To see a picture of the most despicable, hateful person on the planet in your blog is very offensive.
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0 # Mike Van Horn 2017-02-21 09:36
Robert, even in California--even among your clients!--there are a lot of Trump supporters. Bashing him will put you among all the others doing the same thing. Those who agree will be unaffected; those who disagree will tune you out.
But discussing specific Trump issues that affect small business can be productive. At my Business Group meeting last week, my business owner members discussed the impact on their businesses of tight labor markets. We discussed how their businesses are threatened by the inability to attract needed employees. This is made worse by the drive against low-skilled immigrant labor. Also by poor quality public education that doesn't prepare young people well. How will Trump's policies affect these realities? That turned out to be a very good discussion.
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+2 # Curt Nix 2017-02-21 09:42
It is an interesting question that probably generates more questions than answers. I start by saying I voted for neither of the major candidates.
I think the mistake folks make is assuming that those who subscribe to them agree with them no matter the side they are on.
If we are going to discuss from the standpoint of the sales/marketing genius and how he was able to get and use, effective data, targeted marketing, market research, understanding the process and what it takes to win the final prize in this particular sales process I'd say that is an analysis that would be well worth the space.
If it is a personal dig, policy discussion, or simply an opinion I have lots of places I can go for that on both sides of the political spectrum and don't need another. I read your articles from a business sales and marketing perspective. Policy that might directly impact the ability to market, sell and close sales. Possibly.

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+1 # Elisabeth von Clemm 2017-02-21 09:50
I am not answering your question directly, here, but I want to say I appreciate your courage and honesty to approach the elephant in the room that exists everywhere in our culture now. Open communication, which includes a desire to understand a different perspective, creates less bifurcation even if the people communicating don't agree with each other. Avoidance of such a widespread controversial topic just creates a strange frozen reality where there is no learning. And, what is marketing but educating?
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0 # Elizabeth Grabinski 2017-02-21 10:06
As marketers, we need to acknowledge that what we do is viewed by our clients/customers through a set of filters. I believe that politics and the US political leader(s) are significant filters in our current environment. So, YES, I want to hear your thoughts, especially with regard to how we can strengthen our marketing within this reality.
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+2 # Tom Hanson 2017-02-21 10:09
I'd agree with Rochelle that the context for commentary would be on what he does well or not well on marketing himself, not on politics. Like him (which I don't) or not, he's a genius at marketing. He won. He listened closely to his market and gave them what they wanted. IMO he started giving speeches a few years back and threw out ideas to the crowd paying attention to what got reactions and what didn't. Over time he created a "greatest hits" talk and hammered it home. Great marketing lessons for us all. But my assessment is he did it manipulatively for his own benefit so the intent is suspect to me. Marketing tools are, like a hammer, amoral. They can be used for good or bad. I'm hoping it turns out for the good with him, for sure. As for you I'd think you could occasionally say "here's how he did or didn't follow your principles, but if you just started making political commentary I would find it off.
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0 # Mila Boyko 2017-02-21 10:33
I don't see how it is possible to avoid clarifying your values to clients, coworkers and friends in this environment. Trump has ushered in a time of chaos and deep questioning. Most people are confused or even fearful, this translates into feeling unsure of who/what to trust. A confused mind rarely says YES to what you are offering. Being clear about where you stand politically is now part of any company's branding. Staying silent breeds hesitation or even distrust. Naturally, decorum still applies and communicating eloquently is always key.
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+2 # Charles T Wilson 2017-02-21 10:34
I think rational discussions about different points of view are very helpful (for those who can listen) but very rare. Polarization is not helpful to any of us.
You had an interview I read recently about turning some qualities of someone you did not like into assets by doing/saying them slightly differently.
If we can recognize those bits and consciously practice those skills, I think we can improve our positive, professional communication to the audiences we seek to serve.
We can also, perhaps, better communicate - in a mutual learning way - with others who do not agree with our points of view.
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+1 # Stephanie Coladonato 2017-02-21 10:48
We estimate 98% of our clients are Trump supporters. They are all lovely people and they think the same of us. However if we were to mention our politics and our concern over the Trump presidency, they would likely dump us in a heartbeat. We have to be very careful not to share our political opinions in a business setting unless it's known that we probably agree. It's a terrible situation because we can't be who we are without negative consequence. It feels a little calculating and not our first choice but a necessary one if we are to continue to be successful in this industry and continue working with the public. The division in our country is very concerning, but hey, it appears that divide and conquer may be the agenda as the two parties have done nothing toward bringing the country together and the people continue to buy into the duality of this two party political system.
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0 # Walter Hawn 2017-02-21 10:51
The political climate determines how business is conducted; therefore, discussion of political leaders and movement is not only warranted but necessary in a business environment.
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+4 # Oliver Connolly 2017-02-21 10:57
Hi Robert,
It's your blog. Write whatever you want. I may not agree with you politically. So What? I've been reading your blog as long as I can remember because I enjoy it and I get something out of each and every one. Thanks for all your help and keep it up.
Oliver Connolly
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+1 # Sandy S 2017-02-21 11:25
Great question, Robert--one I grapple with in my business.

You're asking for feedback, but this is about you making a personal choice: Say what you want to say at the risk of alienating (an unknown quantity) of subscribers, or keep that part of your life out of your business writing, at the risk of not being true to yourself.

Neither is the wrong choice, but both have consequences.

I personally have made the choice to leave politics out of my business writing, but that was my choice. In business, Trump supported all sides--his choice.

There's nothing wrong with choosing either path, as long as you're willing to live with those potential consequences.
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+4 # Robert Middleton 2017-02-21 12:05
Hi Everyone. Thanks so much for your comments. I appreciate all of them, even the negative ones. This is obviously a hot-button issue where people are clearly on one side or the other. But I most appreciate your well thought out responses. They all definitely gave me things to think about and consider for future More Clients ezines/blogs. I don't get a huge number of comments to this ezine/blog and it's nice to hear your opinions. So one thing I'm going to strive to do is to ask you more questions and get your take on things. I feel your responses to this ezine were more valuable than the ezine itself! Finally, I think this is something that I just had to get out of my system. I did it the best I could and I know that was less than perfect. Cheers, Robert
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0 # Fred D Richmond 2017-02-21 12:18
Robert, further to my email, I am in complete agreement with Mary Gunn, Mary Franklin, and Suzie Franklin. I could go on, because I have very strong opinions about Obama and Clinton, but won't, as this is ostensibly a marketing site.
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+1 # Karen Zurlinden 2017-02-21 13:11
Hi Robert,
My hope is that Trump will unite America by having his policies and politics at the forefront of conversation of all citizens, of all countries, around the world. Being willing to hear the other person's point of view is a big step in creating unity. The one thing Trump has going for him is his ability to create controversy. Which hopefully will lead to new workable & sustainable solutions for all. Folks like you, with wide-ranging audiences, can be conversation starters. The real question is will we care enough to create a forum for finding legal, compassionate, and feasible solutions to his impulsive, globally-impacting, potentially-disastrous maneuvers? Are you (yes, getting personal here) willing to use all of your marketing savvy to generate inclusive conversations that will unite Americans in America and the United States with the rest of the world? Thanks for starting w/ this blog!
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+1 # Paulette 2017-02-21 13:36
You have every right to mention Mr. Trump in your ezine. His supporters are embarrassed that they help elect a deranged monster and now try to silence everyone who has the guts to call him out. Do not back down.

Have a great day,
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0 # VictorAssad 2017-02-21 14:13
Hi Robert,

I discourage you from writing about the 45th President because his persona, and even his name, is too divisive. Best not go there, unless you are writing about policy issues his administration is considering.
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+1 # Amanda 2017-02-21 14:25
Robert, keep talking about Trump. The world needs people to be open about their views and not be vanilla in an attempt to please everyone . I am glad you're talking about politics - and I'm one of the clients that you'd want to attract and work with. Let the pumpey trumpeys unsubscribe!
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+2 # Bill Metcalf 2017-02-21 14:27
I liked your first post because it focused on an issue that affects ALL MARKETERS and their customers, regardless of their political views.

It is simply this: In an ear of mistrust, in an era that the phrase "alternative facts" can actually exist . . .

MARKETERS really need to stand in the fire and tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We must resist the tide on BOTH sides and not play fast and loose with the truth.

As a country, we seem to be swallowed up in such strongly held beliefs that we refuse to acknowledge the actual facts in front of us. Does anyone think that does NOT affect your marketing?

So Robert, if you can continue to focus on how the “erosion of truth” due to current conditions on BOTH sides affects our marketing then I am all for your including it.

Always your Raving Fan,
Bill Metcalf
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+1 # Carol Chanel 2017-02-21 15:42
Thank you for sharing Robert! I've been challenged trying to pretend everything is fine. It's not fine if your values are being undermined. Thank you for speaking your truth. Frankly, I'm noticing I don't trust people who don't speak up. And I feel more connected to those who do. Liked what Bill Metcalf wrote. Keep up your great work!!
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0 # Carol Chanel 2017-02-21 15:45
Really liked that you shared your truth with us. Thank you!!
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0 # Peter G. Christman 2017-02-21 16:39
I didn't get a chance to read all the comments, but I was one of the first people to respond to you last week and you know my feelings. "Stick to what you are good at, nuff said!"
Love ya, but we have a large political gap. After the last eight years, my tolerance is off the charts. Please get an open mind and give this guy a chance. His Cabinet runs circles around others. Again, "nuff said". Please, PLEASE, stick with sales and marketing ideas...............................PLEASE!!!!!

Peter Christman
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0 # Jenilyn 2017-02-21 18:50
Robert, I think that part of marketing is getting people's attention. I think you are just giving us an example of how this is done, even if some clients/readers don't agree with you. (I happen to agree with you though, maybe I would feel differently if I didn't.)

I think you need to speak your truth and if others leave because they are offended, so be it. Others will be attracted to your courage to speak up and will share your values and will want to work with you. I think it puts us in a vulnerable place to share our truth and it isn't always easy, so I support you in sharing your opinions. Jenilyn
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+2 # johnnyamunda 2017-02-22 03:06
Hi Robert
You have to stand for something I think, and have a say where you can be heard. That's who you are.

If people follow you because they want to agree with your views on politics, that would be interesting, because they are only on your list because of the excellent ideas on marketing you provide. If they do unsubscribe, well so be it. We can't pretend you don't have other opinions, than marketing.

All the best. I'll keep reading your newsletters, because you are great at what you do. John
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-1 # Coach Mack, PCC 2017-02-22 08:08
I recall when President Obama was elected, many thought he would ruin the country. He said "Yes We Can." He helped a lot of people, he hurt a lot of people. He said my insurance would cost $2,500 less, and now I pay $2,400 more—I don’t think he lied, but his alternative facts were not true. After years of his administration, the country is still here and not in ruin.

I recall when President Trump was elected, many thought he would ruin the country. He said "Make America Great Again.” (It remains to be seen what goes in this blank _____) After years of his administration, the country is still here and not in ruin.

In 1984, columnist Charlie Reese wrote that 545 people are responsible for this mess. I believe it's still true:
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0 # Sunflowers 2017-02-22 11:34
While Trump may be operating within the political sphere, I hardly consider views about him political. What this man says and what he does is so repugnant. I understand the people here who say they are sick of seeing him and hearing about him virtually everywhere. I feel this way, too. Yet, I am not willing to tune him out because to do so would mean acceding to his policies without a fight. To accept the policies of Donald Trump is morally repulsive.
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+1 # Steven S 2017-02-22 15:15
Agree or disagree, he is good at keeping his name out front, which in turn keeps those whom disagree out front too. It is the news media which good or bad promotes the brief and often minimal data on what is said, and not only on Trump. Too often the sound bites are a bit misleading and have been for years, especially, when figures are quoted such as 50% or 17 million, both of which could be big, but 50% of 10 is only 5 and 17 million out of 330 million is only 5.5%
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0 # Robert Middleton 2017-02-22 16:32
Good points Steven. However, I don't think it's useful to throw the media into one big bag and say they provide minimal data. I read a lot and I read in-depth articles in the New York Times, New Yorker, Atlantic and other places, both left and right leaning. I watch no TV news, nor listen to radio news. I read and watch videos online. I consider myself up-to-date and informed. If we watch just one news channel, we are not going to be sufficiently informed - whether left or right leaning. To say the media always lies is a lie in itself. The media is not the enemy of the American people. To believe that is idiocy. And to make Twitter your main news channel to the presidency is madness. (note, this is mostly my rant and not a complete reflection on what you said in your post!)
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0 # pamela kenney 2017-02-23 11:51
If politics is ok to discuss in a business setting, then discussing religion will be. Keep business businessy. If I want a political discussion it will be on my "free" time, not during the business day.
Quote | Report to administrator
0 # Robert Middleton 2017-02-23 18:24
Fore me, Pamela, these are artificial barriers. In the course of working with clients we will often discuss politics, religion and other even more taboo topics. This doesn't mean these topics will or should interest you, but I believe when we put limits on what we can talk about, then thinking stops. Also, when you bring up controversial topics, you certainly get a lot more engagement! Cheers, Robert
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0 # VJ Martin 2017-02-27 09:52
People are so opposed to the President, they are missing the message that got him elected. Half the country doesn't feel the way you feel, doesn't value the things you value, and they rose up and elected someone whose message resonated with them. There's a marketing lesson to be learned, but all I hear is resistance and opposition. I appreciate your comment that you hope he succeeds, as I hoped Obama would. While we have protests and violence and people continuously spewing their disgust (which would not be tolerated by liberals if aimed at one of them), you and others are NOT LISTENING to how the people who voted him in feel. They feel like throwing a wrench in the whole machine, and Trump was just this year's wrench. It's not about him, it's about a government that's out of control and not for the people (at least half of them). Listen up or you'll keep getting this result until you hear it and fix it.
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0 # Robert Middleton 2017-02-27 13:07
Hi VJ, AS I said, I hope Trump is successful in making positive changes. What we are concerned about is the overall authoritarian tone of Trump, his insistence that all the media does is lie, while he is consistently putting out disinformation and lies of his own. We are concerned about his denial of proven science and going all-in on fossil fuels. We are worried that he is placing people in cabinet positions who are simply not qualified. We are not happy that he has no plan for healthcare, although he wants to dismantle the current system. We are alarmed that he will not release his taxes and has nothing to say about the Russian hacking. And we are puzzled that he said he wanted to drain the swamp while he seems to be placing more alligators in the swamp who do not have middle class people's best interests at heart. Finally we are dismayed by his egotism, narcissism, inability to take counsel from practically anyone except from those who have little understanding of government. He is certainly throwing a wrench into things, but we are concerned that this could end any semblance or real democracy. This is what people are protesting about (among other important issues), and as our constitution allows for free speech, I don't think we will be sitting on the sidelines hoping he does the right thing. Cheers, Robert
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+1 # Beverly Freeman 2017-02-28 23:21
This forum has been "refreshing" in an unorthodox way, lol. You actually ARE marketing (whether your members agree/or not). The current situation in the WH should be concerning to all business owners in the US. If there was an indication there would be a shift in the administration, we may be a little more willing to be accepting. The message has been extremely divisive and regardless of what has been said about previous leaders of this great country, none have set the tone that has been set by "45!" Whatever the future brings, WE will survive. Let US all stand UNITED. As you've mentioned, we will NOT sit on the sidelines :-).
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+1 # Larry M 2017-03-01 08:45
I love that you've asked the question and appreciate the opportunity to offer my thoughts. My opinion is that you should refrain from any political commentary UNLESS it is directly and immediately relevant to your business services, i.e. to serve as an example of how to do something or how not to do something. Regardless of my opinion of Mr. Trump, his achievement of the office of the President is an incontrovertibl e demonstration of some skill that could be of value in your teachings. I have VERY strong feelings and opinions on him as do most people I know, people equally balanced (in number) even between pro and con. And in the spirit of my 'opinion', will refrain from sharing MY political views on this matter.
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