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By Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

As of today, I'm starting something new called "The Action Plan Marketing Community."

It's a way to provide my More Clients Subscribers with some useful resources and an opportunity to engage more with the conversation about attracting clients. 

You can access everything on this page:

The Action Plan Marketing Community. (see below)

Why am I doing this?

I've been sending out my eZine, More Clients since 1997. That's twenty years and hundreds and hundreds of articles about marketing for independent professionals.

The eZine has worked very well for me. For the past 20 years, it's helped me grow my e-list and in addition to sharing valuable ideas, I've successfully promoted various marketing products, programs and services.

What is missing for me is conversation and interaction 

The two key parts of the APM Community are the Facebook Forum where you can post questions, ask for feedback and discuss various approaches to marketing more effectively.

And the other part is the monthly Live Video Session where you can join me and several others via Zoom Video and explore ideas about the endless number of ways you can attract more clients. 

I've also included some samples from the More Clients Club

One of the most appreciated parts of the Club are the Expert Interviews. I've include three of the very best ones for you to explore. Timeless ideas that can impact your marketing effectiveness immediately. 

Plus a couple chapters from my Marketing Ball Book. Right now, the full book is only available to Club Members, but you'll get a lot out of these first two chapters on the game of marketing and marketing messages. It's stuff you can use every day in your business. 

Finally, a discount on the first month of Club Membership

The Club, now starting its 9th year, contains online courses, tutorials, expert interviews and over 100 hours of audio with interactive marketing coaching and instruction.

If you've never been a Club member, and even if you have been in the past, you can check out the Club for the first month for just $9 by using the coupon code on the APM Community page. 

That's all for today. Just go to the Action Plan Marketing Community and take advantage of these resources. This page will be posted indefinitely, so once you visit, make sure to bookmark it. 

Cheers, Robert 

P.S. Why no links to the Community Page on the Blog? Because you need to be a Community Member to access it. If you're already a subscriber, just check your email, and it you're not, simply sign up for the Community on this page and get immediate access to these resources. 

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