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I don't know about you, but since the results of the election I'm completely burned out with reading anything to do with politics. 

Like many others, the election has been my obsession for the past 18 months and I don't think the next 18 months are going to get any better. 

So instead of being buried in Huffington Post and Politico, I'm reading articles on Medium instead – and loving it. 

What kind of articles? Well, on just about anything. This includes social change, self-improvement, food, exercise, strategy development, communication techniques, marketing online and everything in-between. And yes, even politics. 

The great thing about most Medium articles is that they're personal, immediate, based on real-life experience and deeply-felt convictions and insights about life and work.

You could think of Medium as "Google for articles." It's also like a massive collection of quality blog posts in one central online community. 

And Medium can help you with your marketing as well.

On Medium, look up marketing in general or any specific marketing topic and you'll find a ton of interesting articles with useful ideas. 

And unlike searching for good articles on Google, which lead to someone's personal blog in various formats, the articles on Medium are all formatted in a reader-friendly style. 

And, of course, at the bottom of each article are suggestions and links to similar articles. 

You can tag articles to read later and follow those who write the articles you enjoy the most. 

Relaxing on the sofa, listening to jazz in the background and reading Medium articles on my iPad has been a wonderful way to spend my free time in the evening. 

Medium articles inform, inspire, excite and lead to new insights. 

But that's not all. 

It seems that in virtually every session I have with my clients these days, I'm talking about Medium and showing how it can work for them. 

I explain how they can use Medium as a simple online promotional too. It's as easy as writing a blog post – well, actually easier – because the formatting tools ensure that your article will look great. Just add a picture or graphic at the top and you're all set.

As of this week, my weekly articles will come to you via this eZine, will be posted on my blog and also posted on Medium. 

Why? Well, Medium gets a million visitors a day who are looking for articles on every conceivable subject – including articles about your field of expertise. 

This can bring you new readers that you can then point back to your website to learn more, opt-in to your report and email newsletter and then read other blog posts and content on your site.

Yes, it helps if you already have a decent website with good messaging and content, including a form to opt-in.  

It's easy and free to get started

On Sunday, I took a few hours to set up my Medium account, learn all the ins-and outs of how to post articles and even set up my own publication – "Attract More Clients" where I'll be posting my Medium articles. This is sort of like a private blog inside Medium. 

I also posted my first article: "Attracting High-End Clients" Check it out and see how good it looks (not to mention the great ideas it includes)!

And if you're moved to do so, please follow me and "heart" my article. 

If you're already writing articles, Medium is a no-brainer. If you're not writing articles, isn't it about time you started? 

For me, writing articles has been the key to my business success for almost 20 years. And now, with Medium I can even get more exposure for my business with virtually no extra effort. 

In any case, if you get the sense that I'm excited about Medium, I am! 

This article doesn't give you much how-to information, so I thought I'd include a few articles that you'll find very useful (some are on Medium). 

Marketing on Medium: How Does it Stack Up?

The Complete Guide to Medium for Marketers

Why Every Blog Post should be crossposted to LinkedIn and Medium

A Style Guide for Writing on Medium

How to write Medium Stories people will actually read

This will be enough to get you started. As you go, you'll find details and how-to tutorials in Medium to get you on track. 

See you on Medium!

Cheers, Robert

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