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by Robert Middleton – Action Plan Marketing

Last week I found a list that I'd created on my iPad called: "10 Marketing Things You Already Know - But May Not be Acting Upon." 

These might fall into the category of "Pithy Sayings" that teach essential truths. I'm no Confucius, but I've been involved in marketing so long, that I can assure you, the following lessons are amongst the most important you can learn if you want to attract more of your ideal clients. 

1. If not even your family understands fully what you do, how do you expect your prospective clients to understand? 

We want everyone else to understand us, but that takes patient communication. We can't assume people understand us, and if they don't we only have ourselves to blame. Keep communicating; sooner or later the message will get through. 

2. In networking, make it your main job to follow-up. Above all else, follow-through with friendly persistence. 

The ball is always in your court and it's always your move, no matter what the prospect does. If someone doesn't get back to you, it doesn't mean they aren't interested; it usually only means they're busy. So patiently try again; it will usually pay off. 

3. In speaking, people don't want to be bored, they want to be informed and entertained.

Yeah, it's your job, once again, to take responsibility for communicating powerfully so that your prospects really see the value of your services. The good news is that you can always make it more fun and interesting. 

4. Nobody's going to buy from you unless they know what's it it for them. 

It's not about you; it's about them. Always. So make it your calling to understand what your prospects need and want. What are their issues, their challenges and their aspirations? And how can you make it easier for them? It's a never-ending pursuit. 

5. In selling, nobody likes to be pressured. They like to be listened to. 

Everyone gives lip-service to listening, but few of us practice it religiously. What you need to notice is that as soon as you stop listening, the pressure and manipulation starts. Amazingly, you can listen yourself into a sale better than proving that your service is right for someone. 

6. When talking about your services, tell stories to make things absolutely clear.

This simplest concept is harder to relate to than the most complex story. And here I am giving you concepts! Mea-culpa! Yes, when you use stories, people put themselves inside the scene you are telling and relate completely. 

7. Nobody's going to remember you or think about you if you don't stay in touch with them. 

Don't be so arrogant to think people will remember you after one or two contacts. How many emails do you get a day? How many commercials do you hear or see? How many details do you have to handle? No wonder people forget. So stay in touch. 

8. Over-communicating can be just as bad as under-communicating, especially if every communication is a pitch. 

Instead, give people better information, valuable stories and examples, something they can use. This will endear you to people and when you have something to promote, they'll listen because you've gained their respect and attention. 

9. If you don't ask for what you want, you're not likely to get it, in life or in business. 

Yes, it's terrifying to ask. And yes, you just might get rejected if you ask. But isn't that better knowing one way or the other if they want to take the next step than never asking and living in uncertainty? Ask, get an answer, and move on. 

10 Nobody wants to buy from an arrogant jerk; they want to buy from a nice person whom they can trust. 

Marketing and selling sometimes does funny things to people. They can turn you into a pushy person who always has the right answer. Cultivate humility in marketing and selling. Your prospect will tell you if you have the right answer or not. 

Do you have some "Pithy Sayings" about marketing and selling you'd like to share with the subscribers of More Clients? If so, I invite you to share them on the blog.  Just click on the Commetns link below. 

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+2 # Joan Bell 2012-12-18 21:23
This is probably the best article I have read covering this type of issue. Pithy indeed and also very wise, profound and doable. Life really can be simple when we cover the bases.

A great reminder Robert, I will definitely save this one!
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0 # Annette 2013-05-11 02:53
It's good to see how Robert is still working on improving his message - and I agree over-communicating is as bad as under-communicating (in my particular case probably worse). I only do 3-4 newsletters a year. But they are all long and have a real structure; people save them and read them months later, and come back to me. I try and send them out strategically just before important events where I am likely to meet many of my (ex-)clients or long-time contacts; that way, they speak about my content in front of other people, who then want to know more. This is probably my number one tip. Complex and highly personal services are better sold through personal contact. Robert is one of the few marketing experts whose methodology truly respects the human element. Thanks!!
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