Services, programs and products from my Marketing Partners

This page lists my most trusted Marketing Parters. They include a few online services, but mostly consultants and coaches that can help you with various elements of your marketing. I selected them for this page because they not only provide needed services or information for Independent Professionals, but I know and like all of them. 

When you click on the link, a separate window with the Partner's site will open containing details about their service. Please explore their site and information and do business with them with confidence.

Autoresponder and email system for sending out eZines. Very good and very cheap. My most reliable online tool. This may be the very best system out there for sending out your email newsletter.

The Internet's best shopping cart system. And easy to use. I've built my whole online business using this system. It includes a staggering array of services bundled into a very reasonable package. You can do a test drive for a very low price.

Samantha Hartley
Samantha is a branding and marketing expert for small businesses and self-employed professionals, She offers consulting, coaching and programs that will help get your message on track and your marketing into action.

Suzi Elton
Suzi is a marketing coach and writer and will help you write all your marketing materials based on my system of Marketing Syntax. Suzi will give you hands-on help with your website copy.

Mark Silver
Mark takes a heart-centered approach to marketing your services. He offers individual consulting and various courses on marketing and business focused on marketing with integrity.

Brian Whetten
Brian helps small businesses create their ideal practices and attract more high-end clients by learning a more loving way of doing business. Check out his "Selling By Giving" Home Study Course.

Christian Mickelsen
Christian offers programs and workshops targeted primarily to coaches who want to marketing and sell their services more effectively. Christian developed the "Free Sessions That Sell" system.

Bill Baren
Bill's company provided coaching and programs designed to help you market your professional services with more impact and more fun. Bill offers the "Mastery of Enrollment Program."

Lisa Nirell
Lisa's company, EnergizeGrowth®, helps B2B companies and successful service professionals grow customer mind share and market share. Check out her six-month virtual program: FOCUS on Energizing Growth.

John Eggen
John's company works with Independent Professionals in a step-by-step book writing and publishing program. Many of my clients have published books successfully with John. Get John's free e-course.

Milana Leshinsky
Milana is the top online marketing expert for independent professionals. If you want to more effectively market your services online, Milana offers a wide variety of programs and services to help you.

Ann Convery
Ann helps you get your marketing message right. She teaches her clients and program participants how to "Speak your business in 30 Seconds or less." If you're struggling with your marketing message, Ann can help you.

Rich Brooks

The Owner of Flyte New Media, Rich owns a web development company that can develop a complete WordPress web site that meets the standards of the WebSite ToolKit.

Linda Claire Puig
Linda is the leading expert on email newsletters. If you need help creating or improving your eZine, Linda can provide Ready To Go Newsletters that take all the time and work out of the process.

Daphne Gray Grant
Daphne helps independent professions who are struggling with their writing, to make all their writing easier, faster and better. She offers a course called the "Extreme Writing Makeover."

Vrinda Normand
Vrinda specializes in helping Independent Professionals write better marketing copy. Through her courses she helps people "Write irresistible content that's from the heart and totally You."

Nancy Juetten
Nancy is the go-to person if you want to get publicity for your business. She will help you get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated in your own backyard and beyond. Author of the "Bye-Bye Boring Bio." book and e-book.

Melanie Benson Strick
Melanie's focus is helping entrepreneurs and Independent Professionals transform their business into something that completely supports their lifestyle. Her programs help you create the systems that let your grow and thrive.

Tim Kelley
Tim is one of the world's foremost experts on Life Purpose. When you know your life purpose, everything else falls into place in both your life and business. Get a free chapter of Tim's book at this link:

Elyse Killoran
Elyse helps you get past your resistance to manifest the business and life you want. Her programs will help you create prosperity from the inside out by applying the Law of Attraction.

Morgana Rae
Morgana helps her clients transform their relationship to money. Her programs will help you destroy unconscious decisions that have limited your success and create a new more abundant relationship with Money.