You're a Self-Employed Independent Professional

And you went into business to make a difference. You love helping your clients grow and succeed. As an independent professional, you may be a coach, consultant, trainer or business person who works directly with individuals or groups.

But you're not attracting as many clients as you'd like. And you want to know what really works to consistently attract your ideal clients. 

My name is Robert Middleton and for more than 30 years I’ve worked with thousands of independent professionals who were ready to find their own authentic marketing voice and attract more of their ideal clients.

On this home page is an overview of everything included on this website. It's full of useful information about marketing for independent professionals and information about how I help them attract more clients.  

Section 1 - Free Stuff - Ideas that can help you immediately with your marketing

The Marketing Plan Workbook. This free, 42-page workbook helps you work through the core parts of the marketing process. Complete with fill-in forms and checklists. This is a good place to start if you want to become a better marketer of your services.  

7 Principles of Marketing. How exactly does marketing work for independent professionals? This overview gives you the big picture through these 7 key marketing principles. Understand these and you'll have a good grasp of what it takes to attract clients. 

Marketing Scorecard. How well are you currently doing with your marketing? Take just a couple quick minutes to fill out this scorecard and find out. You may be surprised. Many people think they're doing fine with their marketing but discover major areas where they need to improve. 

Your Marketing Mindset. If you ever get stuck in your marketing, you'll find this useful. It explores 12 common marketing mindsets that may be holding you back from marketing yourself effectively. And then it gives you alternatives to those mindsets. Where are you stuck?

Videos on my Key Marketing Principles. The four videos on this page give you the big picture about what works in marketing your professional services. You'll find a link to eight more videos that go into even more depth at the bottom of the page. Take the time to watch these for a very inexpensive, yet incisive, marketing education. 

Section 2 - Ideas - Core marketing ideas for independent professionals

The Game of Marketing. If you think of marketing as a game with well-defined rules and strategies to win, it can make marketing a whole lot easier and more fun. This section gives you an overview of the game of marketing that I call Marketing Ball. 

The Mindset of Marketing. Certain mindsets will help your marketing and others will hinder it. This section discusses how we get attached to certain marketing mindsets that get us off track and make us avoid marketing. 

Marketing Messages. A marketing message is anything you say that communicates the value of your professional services. Here I explain the four key components to any successful marketing message. 

Your Audio Logo. When someone asks you what you do, I call the response to that question an "Audio Logo." It needs to get immediate attention and interest or nothing will happen. 

Marketing Syntax. It's not just what you say in your marketing message, it's the order, or syntax, in which you say it. You'll get more attention if you understand the most effective syntax for all your marketing communications. 

Marketing Conversations. When you initially engage with a prospective client what do you say? Or more importantly, what do you ask? In this section, I discuss the best questions to ask prospective clients. 

Marketing Strategies. The way you get the word out about your business and services is through various marketing strategies. In this section, I talk about the key components of developing an action plan for a marketing strategy. 

 Section 3 - The More Clients Club - Online Marketing Training

The More Clients Club. In 2009 I put all my main programs, courses and tutorials together into one place online. The Club is for self-directed people who want to learn about how to attract clients. Includes hundreds of hours of recordings and dozens of Expert Interviews. Everything is hands-on and how-to. 

Section 4 - Action Plan Marketing Programs and Services

Marketing Coaching Program. If you're looking for hands-on assistance with your marketing, this page will explain exactly how I work with you. Most of my individual clients have been in business for some time and are looking at how to take their professional services practice to the next level of success. This program is customized for each client. 

Marketing Action Group. This is an ongoing marketing support and mastermind group designed to help you move into action. With from 24 to 30 participants, we give you the tools and support to go into action. Includes live weekly video-conference sessions, online materials, and feedback on an interactive forum. 

The Website Toolkit. Not happy with your website and not sure how to develop the content for it? This program takes you through every single page of a professional service business website and through written and recorded materials and samples shows you what should go onto each page of your website and how to write it for maximum impact.

Section 5 - About Us - A little about Action Plan Marketing and Robert Middleton

Is this You? I work only with independent professionals such as management consultants, business coaches corporate trainers and financial professionals. This page tells you more about the kind of clients I work with. See if you fit the profile.  

Case Studies. Here you'll find a number of case studies about clients I've worked with over the years. I've been offering services, programs and marketing coaching to independent professionals since 1984. I've worked with thousands of clients in programs and hundreds individually. This is just a small sampling. 

About Us. This page talks a little bit about my company, Action Plan Marketing. Includes a short, overview video about my approach. Take just 86 seconds to watch it. 

About Robert Middleton. This page is more about me personally and how I got into helping independent professionals with their marketing. Hard to believe I've been doing this for 33 years!

Contact Us. If you'd like to contact me, have a question, or are interested in perhaps working with me, all the details are on this page.

Section 6 - The Action Blog and Now

The Action Blog. I've been writing a weekly email marketing newsletter since 1997. And I've been posting the articles from the newsletter onto the Action Blog for several years. This is some of the best material on the website, so take your time to browse through a number of articles. 

Now. This is a page that talks about what I'm doing in my business now. I update it every few months. 

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